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The Types Of Commercial Induction Hob Cooker For Sale

The Best Commercial Induction Hobs for Sale-Buying Guides

How to make your commercial kitchen meet the needs of cooking multiple foods? You may think of buying induction/gas/electric hobs with multiple burning areas. That is a significant investment in kitchen equipment.

Surprisingly, commercial induction hob manufacturers-Lestov can fully meet your needs for more cooking areas, functions, and efficient induction hob cookers.

What is an induction hob?

Commercial Induction hobs are multifunctional cooking machines that support ceramic or stainless steel materials such as single/2 burner/3 burner/4 burner/5 zone/6 ring. Customized cooker hobs of 30-inch/40-inch/50-inch can be selected from ceramic glass, stainless steel, and other materials.

You can choose a Freestanding commercial induction range cooker or a small countertop induction hob according to the size of a commercial kitchen. The commercial induction range cooker will fully match the catering to cook a variety of foods at the same time.

How do Commercial induction range cookers work?

Electric induction hob works in the same way as induction cooktops. Induction hobs directly release heat energy to the bottom of the cooker in the form of no open flame, which is superior to gas hobs and portable electric hobs in terms of heating speed and thermal efficiency (95%).

Commercial Induction VS electric hob?

When we were discussing induction VS electric? What you need to know is that commercial induction hobs and commercial electric stoves also use electricity as energy.

The only difference is that commercial induction range burners use induction technology that heats faster and has higher thermal efficiency. Induction technology is far less than commercial electric hob in terms of use cost and energy consumption.

An obvious example, it takes 5 minutes and 47 seconds for a commercial electric stove to boil six cups of water, a commercial induction stove only takes 3 minutes, and a commercial induction stove with 95% thermal efficiency is far better than a commercial electric stove with about 75%.

You can choose a commercial induction range or a commercial electric range based on your needs. The above are only tips from commercial induction hob manufacturers. Its product is used at lower cost, faster heating, and higher efficiency.

The Pros and Cons of the Commercial Induction Hob

The commercial induction range cooker also provides you with the best in terms of accessories and functions. That is incomparable to the commercial electric stove and commercial gas stove.

Ceramic glass heating panel

The cooking area of commercial induction cooktops adopts a 6mm thick ceramic (German professional black crystal glass) panel that can withstand high temperatures of 800°.

It achieves 95% accuracy and efficiency in heat conduction and heat transfer, which is relatively vulnerable to gas hob heaters and commercial electric ranges. It will be an efficient kitchen equipment option for a long time of the electricity-consuming heating process.

Multiple cooking zones

If your restaurant receives urgent orders for 6 different foods at a while, what do you need to do? Do you arrange for 6 chefs to cook at the same time on 6 pieces of cooking equipment? Or a long cooking process by a chef alone? Just imagine, this will be flustering and costly cooking.

Why not try to make different foods for a while on a commercial induction range cooker with multiple cooking zones such as single/double/3 burner/4 zone/5 plate/6 burner?

Automated operation and a commercial induction range cooker with individual control of the cooking area will be the best solution for your busy orders.

European-style interchangeable foot

Allowing the chef to adapt to the height of the kitchen equipment seems to be the default fact, but in the stainless steel height of commercial induction hobs, this is unnecessary.

The stainless steel height of the commercial induction hob cooker can be adjusted from 170mm to 210mm, to adapt to each chef, and avoid bending or collapsing to cause lumbar muscle strain.


The built-in hob (portable induction hob) and freestanding large induction hob produced by commercial induction hob manufacturers have independent storage cabinets under the cooking machine.

The locker has a good effect on the maintenance and heat dissipation of the induction stove. You can even install a built-in oven under the locker to achieve the combination of an electric induction hob with oven dual-function cooking equipment.

LED display

You can see the power, temperature, time, and energy consumption during the operation of the commercial induction hob on the LED display of the cooker hob, without the chef using experience, thermometer, or timer on the industrial gas burner to control the food cooking process, thereby reducing the cost of mistakes caused by the chef’s improper operation.

The Functions of the Commercial Induction Range Cooker

Independent component control

Why many chefs dare not try a multi-cooking area induction range cooker? Cause they are worried cooking areas are controlled by one operating element. That will be an irreversible cost loss when there are fewer orders & some cooking areas need to be closed.

Every area of the commercial induction range cooker(whether it has a single/2 ring/3 burner/4 burner/6 ring ) has a separate control element. It controls the power, and time, and switches off each cooking area. You can individually turn on/off an area according to your cooking condition, that better serves your cooking orders.

Flexible firepower settings

The restaurant induction hob’s 8-speed converter can meet the power requirements of different foods. But cannot be achieved by the commercial gas hob with manual power control by the chef. On the commercial induction stove burner, only one button is required to complete the operation.

You can easily control the effect of each kind of food, you don’t need to look after the single/2 ring/3 burner/4 plate/6 ring cooking area of the induction cooktops separately. Instead, it is automated by the commercial induction stoves that only allow the temperature to be accurate to ±1° operate. That would be high-quality cooking equipment that saves time and cost.

Safety protection

When you open a news website or Google Chrome, you may have seen much news about gas hob casualties caused by gas leaks/explosions, kitchen ruins, etc. That is a potentially dangerous (gas poisoning) commercial gas burner that cannot be ignored disaster alert.

Fortunately, the induction wok hob, which has multiple protection devices such as timing settings, high-temperature protection, voltage normalization, and waterproof insulation cover of electrical junction boxes, can avoid more than 90% of accidents caused by kitchen equipment.

The disadvantage of commercial induction hobs

Fortunately, It is undeniable that commercial induction hobs with multiple functions, high-tech components, and multiple advantages are more expensive than gas burners or electric ranges, which are disadvantages of commercial induction hobs.

But using the price to measure whether commercial induction hobs become your restaurant cooking equipment option is an imprecise consideration. Imagine buying a gas range with potential explosion risks at a slightly lower price and abandoning the cost-effective, high-quality commercial induction hobs. It will be a failed investment.

Commercial Countertop Induction Double Wok cooker

That is a hot-selling portable/freestanding induction cooker 2 burner, which has a double induction cooktop (2 burner induction stove).

You can choose two flat induction wok cookers or one flat and one concave dual induction cooktop on the induction hob double.

You can complete frying and stir-fry cooking on an induction cooktop stove with two burners. This countertop commercial Wok stove is perfect for cooking food with the stir-fry method.

The induction cooker 2 burner is suitable for homes, restaurants, and food trucks.

Countertop Double Burners Commercial Induction Wok Cooker
Tabletop Commercial Induction hob 3500W*4 Burner

Restaurant Countertop Induction Range 4 Burners

The 4 burner induction cooktop has options of large induction hob 4 ring and tabletop induction hob with 4 zones.

The small commercial four-ring induction kitchen hob solves the problem of cooking four kinds of food at one time in a small restaurant/family kitchen.

The large induction industrial cooker with four stoves is the cheapest electric induction cooktop with the most acclaimed and best-selling items.

The induction wok hob also has high-quality performance in terms of functions, such as eight-speed power conversion, adjustable European-style legs, digital display suitable for cooking, such as frying, stewing, and boiling.

Restaurant Countertop Induction Range 4 Burners

This large-scale induction cooker 6 zone uses stainless steel and ceramic materials that are easier to clean and is equipped with 6 large-flow cooling fans, even though the induction cooking plate only has 5% waste heat.

An induction plate cooker is perfectly suitable for milk, sauces, stir-fries, and fried steaks. Buy now for your commercial kitchen.

6 heating zones for large batch orders and cooking different foods. The tabletop design for compact restaurants.

The heating panel adopts 6mm black crystal glass with high-temperature resistance and strong thermal conductivity.

Tabletop Commercial Six Burners Induction Hob Cooker

Commercial induction hob manufacturers support the product customization requirements of 5-ring induction hobs and a 3-burner induction cooktop.

5 burner induction hob and 3 zone induction hob are consistent with single, two burners, 4 plates, and 6 rings in function & accessories. You can choose the cooker hob suitable for your actual needs/kitchen space.


Try to use an induction range cooker to increase profits for your commercial kitchen. That is the most significant induction wok hob purchase reminder given to you by commercial induction cooktop manufacturers.

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