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Commercial Induction Cooktop Valve Parts

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Commercial induction cooktop valve parts are responsible for all kinds of induction burners in soup/oil pouring, safety protection, and sewage discharge. They are mainly divided into fryer oil filters, boiler safety valves, faucet parts, and other types. Valve parts are made of stainless steel, aluminum, and cast iron.


An induction cooktop valve parts apply to almost any commercial kitchen. Benefited from magnetic field induction technology, you will find effective ways to increase restaurant turnover and order efficiency.

Features & Advantages:

  1. Purify and filter impurities and harmful substances in edible oil for induction fryer.
  2. Induction Soup Cooker dumps thick soup and wastewater through faucet parts, no need to worry about contact with hot soup and manual repetitive operations.
  3. Use food-grade stainless steel that can endure 800° high temperature and is more durable.
  4. The boiler safety valve ensures the safety of the commercial induction stove. After the anti-touch valve is activated, no response operation can be realized, avoiding the wrong operation by the chef.

Product Parameter Details:

Commercial induction cooktop valve parts


This Commercial induction cooktop valve parts are ideal for fryers or stockpots to purify and filter impurities, and any kind of dishes you want to emissions, such as soup, water, or oil. Whether you are a fast-food restaurant or a commercial kitchen, try these right valve parts.

Why Choose Us:

Our commercial induction cookers have been exported to more than 50 countries since 2003. Now we still keep growing. If you want to buy commercial range cookers for the restaurant business, consult us for direct factory price.


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