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Commercial Induction Tabletop Grill For Barbecue

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This Tabletop grill achieves instant heating, no oily smoke, and 95% thermal efficiency. There are three groups of independent switches to control the heating tube, which can be turned on or off individually, which is more energy-saving and friendly. The drawer-type drain pan collects oil and is easier to clean. It is the best flat top grill of bbq, camping, backyard, and Kitchenaid.


As the best flat top grill in 2021, the user-friendly design of instant heating, no oily smoke, and independent temperature control make the commercial flat grill of the Lestov brand stand out.

Features & Advantage

  • The smoke-free flat grill adopts an induction heating tube, outputting a safe and clean working voltage within 20v, and it can be automatically preheated when it is plugged in.
  • Instant heating, no oily smoke. You can use the induction grill indoors, or even portable or camping outdoors.
  • There are three groups of switches for independent control, which can select all or a single group of heating tubes for heating.
  • The bottom is equipped with a drawer-type water tray and a water circulating sewage system, which can quickly collect grease and make it easier to clean.
  • A smoke-free commercial grill uses electric heat to restore the original ecological grilling of the ingredients and removes most of the fat from the ingredients through grilling. It is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving, healthy, and efficient grilling method.
  • A small bbq grill uses an electromagnetic heating tube to directly grill food, and the heat energy efficiency reaches 95%.
  • The operation can be stopped by unplugging the socket, eliminating the waste of heat energy.
  • No open flame, no exhaust gas emission, safety, low energy consumption, beautiful and durable, simple operation, instant heating.

Product Parameter Details:

  • Model No.: LT-TSKL-E112
  • Power Options: 8KW/12KW/16KW
  • Rated Voltage: 380V, Three Phase,50HZ
  • Voltage Fluctuation: From 360-400V
  • Product Size: L1100*W550*H500mm
  • Switch Control Way: Knob
  • Temperature Control Device: Yes
  • Oil Drain Hole Design: Yes
  • Package Way: Wooden Box
  • Product Material: Stainless Steel #201/#304
  • With plug and play: No
  • IPX3 Level: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Design for high efficiency and precision cooking, this commercial induction grill is perfect for the restaurant business with medium-duty use. You can use it to grill pancakes, chicken, sausage or beefeater, steaks, fish, ribs, turkey, etc.

Why Choose Us:

Each partner who intends to be our distributor or agent or purchase equipment for a chain restaurant will buy some samples to test their quality before bulk orders.

Thanks to 17 years’ focus on product quality, we have received long-term support and cooperation from them. So far, our commercial induction cookers have been exported to more than 50 countries.

We believe you can benefit directly from our commercial induction grill. If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer, Lestov will be your best option in China. Read dealer or distributor guidance here.


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