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Can I use a commercial induction cooker in Singapore?

Commercial induction cookers not only appear in the restaurant kitchen equipment catalog. Also, apparently in the international trade of commercial kitchen equipment list.

Many international catering owners have proposed that commercial induction cookers could use in countries such as Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand. Induction kitchen cooking equipment could use in any restaurant with power resources.

If you want to know more about the requirements of the environment for the use of commercial induction wok cookers. Lestov’s commercial induction hob manufacturers will focus on whether commercial induction wok cookers could use in Singapore. Provide you with a detailed answer.

Commercial Induction Hob Cooker in Singapore: Taking Advantage of Induction

Economic structure

  • Singapore relies on the energy export-oriented economic model of crude oil production, processing, and sales. At the same time, with the help of its coastal geographical advantages, Singapore has become one of the key Asian countries in international trade, financial services, and port shipping.


  • The tourism service industry accounts for more than 70% of Singapore’s national economy. Under Singapore’s industrial structure dominated by knowledge, technology, and finance, the service industry’s demand for production equipment and kitchen equipment is difficult to meet, it is imported from countries with developed manufacturing and manufacturing industries (China).


  • The model of relying solely on energy export to promote economic development has entered a development dilemma in the face of a severe shortage of oil, natural gas, coal, and other resources.


  • Solar energy resources with development potential and renewable energy have become the focus of Singapore’s economic transformation. The development of renewable energy equipment has also become a major development trend in Singapore’s energy policy.

Energy structure

  • In terms of electrical energy, Singapore relies mainly on thermal power generation, supplemented by imported electricity from neighboring Malaysia, to meet the daily power supply.


  • To explore the construction of photovoltaic power stations and the research and development of new energy technologies, Singapore and China Energy Construction Group has reached cooperation.


  • It is estimated that in 2030, photovoltaic power will meet the annual electricity demand of 350,000 households, which in turn stimulates the purchase of electromagnetic products that use electricity as energy sources to usher in new growth points.

Education level

  • As a highly educated country, Singapore upholds an acceptance and tolerance attitude towards commercial induction cooking equipment and presents a clear advantage in the popularization and promotion of new energy.

Education level

  • As a highly educated country, Singapore upholds an acceptance and tolerance attitude towards commercial induction cooking equipment and presents a clear advantage in the popularization and promotion of new energy.


  • Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Singapore. It has exceeded 61,000 with 36 deaths. At present, the proportion of the vaccinated population in Singapore has reached 37.81%. Affected by the rebound of the epidemic, Singapore’s plan to promote economic recovery with tourism bubbles has repeatedly failed.


  • Under the prevention and control policy prohibiting diners from eating and gathering in restaurants, and hotels, commercial induction cooking equipment that does not touch and quickly eat meals helps restaurants meet consumers’ requirements for food delivery.

Market push

  • Restricting the use of non-renewable energy sources such as coal gas and oil is reflected in the direct link between automobile exhaust emissions and taxation. In terms of the research and development of low-carbon energy technologies and the improvement of energy efficiency, the policy provides a large amount of capital and technical support.


  • Singapore’s commercial kitchen cooking equipment market sellers are mainly the Lazada e-commerce platform and topchef. Lazada is a comprehensive online shopping platform that sells small countertop stoves in the category of induction cookers. Topchef conforms to Singapore’s cooking habits by using gas stoves and mainly sells gas commercial induction cooking equipment that uses natural gas as energy.


  • Driven by the policies of imported electricity, photovoltaic construction, and new energy support, the demand for new energy equipment in Singapore has seen a further growth trend.
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Lestov Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer
built in induction cooker in an India restaurant
30th HOTELEX (Qinxin company)

Can commercial induction cookers be used in Singapore?

Singapore voltage requirements

  • Singapore uses single-phase 230v, 3-phase 400v, and 50HZ voltage requirements, and Chinese single-phase 220v, 3-phase 380v, and 50HZ main voltage requirements are different.
  • However, the power supply voltage has a swing margin of ±20%, which means that the Chinese 220v voltage could use in a voltage environment between 176v and 264v. The commercial induction wok cooker could use in Singapore, where the 230v voltage is required.

Development of new energy machine

  • Commercial Induction hob cookers that use electricity as energy is in line with Singapore’s policy requirements for promoting the development and use of new energy to a certain extent alleviating the current shortage of energy such as coal and oil.

Electricity subsidy

  • According to the types of HDB flats of local households, Singapore provides a monthly subsidy of 60-100 SGD for utilities. The method of heating cookware directly by commercial induction hob is regarded as one of the most ideal burners in terms of energy efficiency, which will also be reflected in the reduction of electricity bills.

Safety concept

  • In a densely populated Singapore, the concept of safety has become the primary consideration for the purchase of kitchen equipment. That is a difficult challenge for gas stoves with open flame cooking and the risk of gas leakage, but it is one of the advantages of commercial induction cookers without open flame cooking and no oily smoke emissions.

Service industry equipment requirements

  •  The development of the service economy stimulates the growth of commercial induction cooking equipment demand.
  • Under the epidemic prevention and control measures, fast and efficient commercial induction cooking equipment is a significant factor to help restaurants with meal speed, manpower & cost savings.

Cost of use

  • In July 2021, the price of household appliances in Singapore is 24.13 cents per kilowatt-hour, and the price of home gas is 19.33 cents per kilowatt-hour.
  • The actual cost is calculated based on the cost of heat required for one hour of cooking, plus the cost of thermal efficiency loss.


7 Reasons for Choosing Lestov Commercial Induction Cooker

  • As Singapore’s largest export market, import source, and goods trading partner, China, which has developed manufacturing and manufacturing industries, has become more frequent in business and trade exchanges and cooperation under the initiative of the Belt and Road initiative.


  • China is the only country to achieve positive economic growth in 2020. it has achieved world-renowned achievements in epidemic prevention and control, which will mean a stable supply of goods and long-term cooperation and exchanges.


  • As one of the more mature domestic manufacturers in the foreign trade system of commercial induction cooktops, Lestov commercial induction cooker manufacturers have reached long-term cooperative relations with more than 50 countries/regions. In 2020, the first batch of 1,500 commercial induction kitchen cooking equipment will enter Costa Rica, where all renewable energy sources could use.


  • Lestov commercial induction cooking equipment has passed the inspection and verification of the National Electrical Safety Quality Inspection Center and the European Union CE inspection certification and purchased product quality liability insurance, which means the quality of the induction hob cooker is guaranteed.


  • The Lestov commercial induction cooker manufacturer has covered different types of kitchen engineering equipment such as commercial induction deep fryers, commercial induction steamer cookers, automatic stir-fryers, commercial steamer ovens, and stir-fryer machines to meet Singapore’s Hainanese chicken rice, Bak Kut Teh, satay beef, chili crab, and other food production requirements.


  • Singapore is close to the Chinese Hainan Province and has advantages in shipping and logistics transportation. You can receive the goods within 4-7 days through cheaper sea freight. If you want to know more about the best way to transport induction range cookers, we provide you with a way to transport induction cookers from China.


  • Singapore implements a zero-tariff policy for more than 95% of goods. Except for alcohol, tobacco, sugar products, and refrigerators, the calculation method of tariff = (freight + value) * 7% is implemented.

Singapore’s hot-selling commercial induction cooker in 2023

3500W Tabletop Portable Induction Wok Cooker

It could carry almost anywhere. If you are a camping enthusiast or are buying portable commercial induction wok burners for your restaurant/commercial kitchen, this will be a good choice.

That will be suitable for equipment purchase requirements with a small kitchen space/compact kitchen.

Although it is a small commercial induction wok cooker, it can fully carry a cooking capacity of 8.4L, making chili crabs, satay beef, and other fast-fried foods for you.

Flat-Bottomed Commercial Induction Soup Cooker

If you are looking for a large-capacity stock pot for boiling soup, the flat-bottom induction commercial stockpot is an option worth browsing.

The capacity of a 58L soup bucket can almost satisfy all kinds of cooking meat, soup, sauce, milk, etc.

The fully automated cooking design is automatically completed in stewing, pouring soup, and temperature control.

If you are operating a Chinese restaurant or ramen restaurant, you need to know the importance of soup to diners, especially for diners in Guangdong, Fujian & other places.

That will be suitable for the production of Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak, Bak Kut Teh & other delicacies.

Single Burner Commercial Soup Station Cooker 87L
Automatic stir-frying equipment for commercial kitchens

Commercial automatic intelligent cooking machine

The intelligent cooking machine is suitable for restaurants, canteens, hotels & other places with large passenger flow and few chefs.

It can automatically complete the cooking of dishes in 3 minutes without special care, which is an advantage that couldn’t ignore.

The internal recipe memory stores almost all the cooking time, power, and temperature, and even provide you with thousands of recipes to choose from.

Even a novice in the kitchen who does not know how to cook can be fully qualified for the position of chef.


Commercial induction cookers can not only be used in Singapore but also comply with Singapore’s policy requirements for the development and use of new energy.

Lestov provides you with a catalog of kitchen equipment such as commercial induction food steamers, commercial induction pasta cookers, food truck induction deep fat fryers, and commercial built-in induction hobs. If you need to purchase other electromagnetic kitchen equipment, please visit our website

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