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Harmful To Chefs Respiratory System

Stir-fried flavor in Asian restaurants- -from Chinese wok cooker

In Asian restaurants, a unique culinary flavor is recognized by many diners or chefs. It brings out the best flavors in food, and every molecule of food gets a grilling.

It’s an attractive display of cooking – diners can’t ignore the flames blazing beneath the wok. It is exactly the style of cooking that Asian chefs prefer – stir fry. It takes enough arm strength to turn the wok to ensure that the ingredients are heated evenly.

Stir-fry flavors get more praise in Singapore, Malaysia, and Guangdong. They believe that the stir-fry mode preserves the nutrition of the food and brings out the most delicious flavor.

What are commercial induction wok burners?

Within the Commercial Induction Cooktop range, the Commercial Induction Wok is a cooking appliance designed for Asian stir fry flavors. It combines a traditional Chinese wok with efficient induction technology to help cooks ease in preparing Asian meals.

A commercial wok range is cooking equipment with a round bottom pan. The round bottom pan allows the flame to surround the cooktop surface for even heating or fast cooking. It’s not like a flat-bottom frying pan that burns over flames or burns ingredients.

In the commercial induction wok range, you can choose from single-burner commercial wok cookers, double-burner commercial wok stoves, or 3-burner restaurant induction wok cookers. They are a common model in the traditional Chinese wok range.

The Chinese induction wok burner has an all-round heating induction component, which will conduct heat energy to each piece of stainless iron wok pan in the form of no open flame. It means you won’t feel the heat standing around a commercial induction wok burner.

What is the capacity of a commercial induction wok cooker?

Commercial induction wok cookers can stir fry large batches of dishes, such as from 10 lbs to 200 lbs. In terms of the number of burners, you can choose double stoves or three stoves, a small wok, or a large round bottom wok from φ24inches to 48inches.

In large restaurants, the 24-inch commercial induction wok cooker, which can stir 30 pounds of food at a time, is getting more purchases. This commercial induction wok cooker can stir-fry eggs and rice, stew meat, and fry French fries.

Some small commercial restaurants prefer to buy 16inches desktop induction wok burners. It can choose a multi-function button panel or an 8-position power knob for precise control or intelligent cooking.

The tabletop commercial induction wok burner won’t take up much space, but it can stir-fry up to 10 pounds of dishes. Whether it is boiling noodles or melting chocolate sauce, it will be a good helper in bars and fast food restaurants.

Some Hot Selling Chinese Commercial Induction Wok burners

In the Chinese cooker market, Lestov has collected Chinese induction wok burners that are popular and certified by Asian restaurants. They can be stir-fried for unique Asian flavors and are commercially available for cooking in large batches.

How to use a commercial induction wok burner?

Steps before using the stainless steel wok pan

1. There are slight burrs on the edge of the iron pan. Use a scrub stick to rub along the edge until the edge becomes smooth.

2. Pour detergent and water into the stainless iron wok pan, and wipe the iron pan with a rag to remove the coating on the surface.

3. Clean the stainless iron pan and dry it with a rag. Turn on the power to the commercial induction wok burner.

4. Adjust the power to level 5, and wait for the color inside the pot to change from blue to white. Turn off the power.

5. Wait until the stainless iron wok pan cools down, pour in detergent and water, and wipe the iron pan with a rag.

6. Turn on the power, pour in cooking oil, rotate the iron pan to heat every part, and pour out the cooking oil after five minutes.

7. Wait until the stainless iron wok pan cools down, pour in detergent and water, and wipe the iron pan with a rag.

8. Turn on the power, pour cooking oil, and rotate the iron pan to heat every part. After five minutes, pour off the cooking oil.

9. Wait until the stainless iron wok pan cools down, pour in detergent and water, and wipe the iron wok pan with a rag.

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