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Tabletop Commercial Auto Stir-fry Fried Egg Rice Stirrer LT-TZS-40

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This is a designed automatic rotating stir-fry cooker designed for egg-fried rice. It can be stirred in the positive or opposite direction so that each rice can be fried evenly.


8 Recipes

8 recipes can be edited and stored, memorize the cooking time and firepower of different dishes, and save staff training costs.

Standardized Catering

With the help of 8 recipes, this automatic stir-fry egg-rice machine achieves the standard taste and quality of food.

Precise Power Control

The 8-speed heating fire adjustment knob, from low-fire melting chocolate sauce to high-fire stir-frying vegetables

5- gears Stirring Speed Knob

The 5 gears stirring speed adjustment knob, precise control from low-speed stirring tomato sauce to high-speed whipping cream

Induction Heating

Adopt induction technology with a 95% effective energy utilization rate to achieve 360° uniform heating. The food can stimulate the most delicious taste.

Built-in Timer

Equipped with a multi-functional digital display and a built-in timer, the firepower and heating time can be adjusted according to different cooking stages.

Uncoated Cast Iron Wok

The stir-frying wok is made of uncoated cast iron, and the stir-frying range of φ400*400mm can automatically cook 4KG food within 8-10 minutes

Save More Cost

A waiter with no cooking experience can operate 3-5 sets of automatic egg-rice fried machines, helping restaurants save the cost of chef training and employment.

Planetary Stirrer

The planetary stirrer can be lifted up and down automatically so that it is easy to pour dishes or put ingredients in; the stirring blade can rotate in the forward or reverse direction.

Features & Advantages:

The Part of Commercial Induction Wok Cooker
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Product Parameter Details

  • Model No.: LT–TZS-40
  • Rated Power: 5KW
  • Rated Voltage: 220V, Single Phase
  • Product Size: 410×530×410/750mm
  • Drum Wok Material: Uncoated cast iron wok
  • Product Shell Material: Stainless Steel #304
  • Drum Wok Size: straight barrel shape Φ400 * 400mm
  • Cooking Capacity: 300g to 1500g; 5-10 minutes at a time
  • Control way: 5-gear Knob
  • Menu: 8 recipes for memory storage
  • Safety Protection: with emergency stop function
  • Services: Customized OEM/ODM
  • Package way: Wooden Box
  • Warranty: 1 Year


This tabletop automatic fried-rice machine is stir-fried with a single cooking 300g to 1500g, stirred in multiple directions, and 8 editable recipes to help restaurants/canteens/chain catering and fast-food restaurants cook batch dishes, fried rice flour, and mixing tomato sauce.

The application of kitchen robot cooker

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As a full range of commercial automatic cooking machine manufacturers, we have provided product customization, OEM, and ODM services for many chain catering/restaurants/kitchen projects.

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