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The Types Of Countertop Portable Commercial Induction Cooktop

The Best Commercial Portable Induction Cooktop—Buying Tips (2022)

The commercial portable induction cooktop is suitable for independent apartments, restaurants, home kitchens, and other compact places. As well as a camping induction cooktop/self-driving tour cooking equipment list.

You can browse the commercial portable induction stove, commercial induction flattop griddles, food truck induction deep fryers, and other commercial induction ranges on the official website of the manufacturer of Lestov commercial induction cooktops. Of course, Lestov also provides commercial built-in induction cooker solutions for compact kitchens.

If you are troubled by how to purchase a suitable commercial portable induction cooktop? the Lestov cooker supplier hopes this article can give you some significant ideas.

What are commercial portable induction cookers?

The commercial portable induction cooktop is an induction kitchen cooking equipment. It can be used in an environment that can be powered by 220V+3.5KW/5KW.

It may be hard to understand, but Lestov will dissect the commercial portable induction cooker to give you answers about the working principle of commercial portable induction cooktops and what constitutes a commercial portable induction cooker.

What does a commercial induction cooktop consist of?

1. 304 stainless steel housing

It can completely resist high-temperature baking above 196°-800° without discoloration/deformation. At the same time, in the 360° water splash, almost no water penetrates the interior.

It is difficult for you to feel any heat on the shell, and even oil and water stains that are difficult to clean are removed by gently wiping them with a rag.

2. Ceramic glass heating panel

The black crystal panel is favored by German professional equipment engineers. It is be using in the production process of commercial induction cookers in a 4.5mm thickened type.

It is difficult for you to decipher how it achieves a high thermal conductivity of more than 93% on the commercial portable induction stove. You will even marvel at its perfect performance without deformation/discoloration at a high temperature of 800 degrees and a weight of 125 kg (different burners).

It does not allow any concealment of stains but allows you to wipe lightly with a soft cloth to obtain the cleaning power of a brand-new panel.

3. Germany’s top IGBT

Choose Germany’s top IGBT brand—Infineon, which can operate stably for more than 3000 hours in a working environment with a humidity of 30-90 degrees and a temperature of -5 to 50 degrees.

All control codes are accurately imported by the company’s 30-person R&D team. So you can customize the personalized function design you want according to your needs.

It is worth noting that the performance of any product needs to be tested and qualified many times before it can enter the commercial induction cooking equipment sales catalog.

4. Wire reel

If you have read the article about the working principle of a commercial induction cooker, you will understand the importance of a wire reel in generating heat.

The double-layer energy-gathering wire reel is wound by 180mm copper wire around the disc. The heat energy is generated by friction with the alternating current.

The heat energy is directly released to the bottom of the pot through the black crystal panel to complete the heating of the food.

It can complete the mission of conducting heat at a high temperature of 150 ℃. The heat energy covers almost the entire pot body so that each piece of food is heated more evenly.

5. 8-gear knob switch

As a rarely movable part, the click sound accompanied by the switch knob has a strong mechanical feel and can occupy your attention.

But it should not be ignored that you will find that each of the eight knobs has corresponding powers, and even can heat from 0 ℃ to 200℃ within 15 seconds.

That does not require you to rely on the palm of your hand to perceive temperature changes, but you can get real-time change information on the display.

6. Twin-turbo cooling fan

Lestov provides a twin-turbo cooling fan for 7% of the waste heat in the commercial portable induction cooktop (mostly a single cooling fan on the market). That will not be a redundant move but will provide you with more stable operation and longer service life (commercial portable induction cooktops) significant considerations.

What can commercial portable induction cooktops do for you?

1. Save space

It is suitable for any compact kitchen space, and can even be used as a commercial built-in induction cooker. If you are looking for a professionally designed kitchen equipment solution for a small kitchen, a commercial portable induction stove will be a high-quality choice that meets your needs.

2. Convenient to carry

The commercial portable induction burner weighs between 12KG-40KG and can be moved to any desired position (must be a stable surface)

If you planning a camping or self-driving tour, the commercial countertop induction cooktop will fully meet your needs for making food in the RV.

3. Meet the needs of small households

Can a commercial induction cooktop be used in the family? On the commercial portable induction hob, I will give you an “allowed” answer.

A commercial portable induction hob can be used in home kitchens, and restaurants/food stalls.

4. Cooking capacity

Please don’t think that the small commercial portable induction stove will have a corresponding reduction in carrying capacity. If you are preparing a family dinner, it can fully adapt to the cooking capacity of 8.4L-17.5L.

5. Timing

If this is a commercial portable induction stove with a timing setting that can be accurate to the second and can be set for up to 3 hours, it will be your perfect control assistant when melting chocolate, heating milk, and making sauces.

6. No emissions

If you are cooking in a compact kitchen space, the waste heat, oil fume, and irritating noise emitted by the burner will not be what you want to feel. For consumers who use the commercial portable induction cooker.

It is almost impossible to feel the waste heat and oil fume from the commercial portable induction cooker without an open flame (discharged by the twin-turbo cooling fan).

Safety Protections of Commercial Induction Cooktop

1. Safety function

Like all commercial induction cooking equipment from Lestov, the commercial portable induction stove will trigger an automatic protection device (suspend operation) in the event of a high-temperature attack, sauce burnt, or water vapor overflow.

Once the commercial portable induction hob stops running, you can determine whether it is caused by the failure of the automatic protection device or the commercial induction cooktop. Of course, you can refer to the interpretation of the induction cooker repair fault code.

2. Stability

Although the commercial portable induction hob can be moved to any flat table, it does not mean that it will tip/slide at any time.

The commercial portable induction stove is equipped with four non-slip feet on the bottom of the stove, which means it can be stable on a smooth surface.

If your kitchen is equipped with enough built-in space, the commercial portable induction cooktop can also be used as a restaurant built-in stove.

The Best Commercial Portable Induction Cooktop from Lestov Manufacturer

After you have a basic understanding of portable cooking burners, how to choose the best portable induction cooktop for your kitchen? Maybe it will be the answer you urgently need.

Portable induction cookers are divided into countertop burners and plug-in induction cooktops. In terms of types, you can get a list of specific kitchen equipment from the Lestov commercial portable induction cooker classification page.

It is worth mentioning that Lestov has several popular products in the portable induction burner category, which may give you some significant tips for purchasing.

Countertop commercial induction cooktop

Cooking two 8.5L food weights on a commercial portable induction cooktop is the amazing ability of the double induction cooktop portable.

It is also the main reason why it is favored by commercial cooking places such as restaurants and hotels.

Details from:

Benchtop Commercial Flat Double Burners Induction Cooktop
Restaurant Induction Portable Countertop Wok Stove

3500W tabletop portable induction hob

This restaurant induction wok with lid is a classic round bottom wok, suitable for a commercial kitchen, industrial, and even outdoor burner food.

This stainless steel wok can cook with a capacity of 8.4L and has 360° no blind spot heating. It will be the commercial induction wok cooker in your restaurant.

This commercial wok for induction cooktop is ideal for stir-frying dishes, boiling, frying, cooking, or stews. Whether you are a fast-food restaurant.

Double-cylinder commercial induction fryer

Omron thermostat automatically prompts oil temperature to control oil consumption.

The cooling zone and the filter isolate the batter and residue, quickly collect and clean.

The fully immersed oil screen ensures that the food is fried in all directions, increasing your profits.

The double fryer commercial fries turkey, fish, fried chicken, and burgers with enough power of 3500W for restaurants/industries.

Single Tank Commercial Induction Deep Fat Turkey Fryer

The tips from commercial induction cooker manufacturer

Lestov commercial portable induction cooktop manufacturer hopes that the above content can provide you with significant tips for portable induction hobs.

Welcome to browse the specific page on the classification of commercial portable induction cooktops on Lestov’s official website to purchase the products you need.

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