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Commercial Induction Countertop Cooker

The Hot-Selling Commercial Induction Cooker — Under $200

Procuring a budget-friendly commercial range for a small food service establishment is not easy, with a small enough kitchen area to accommodate excess restaurant cooking equipment. Expensive commercial stoves are not the first choice for small restaurants over household cooking stoves.

Small restaurants have the opposite of tight kitchen space and large batches of orders, which cannot be fulfilled at the same time. A full range of commercial cooking equipment can take up a lot of space, making it difficult for a chef to walk around the kitchen, even if it can cook enough food.

Save Space - Commercial Built-In Stoves?

As a result, many restaurateurs are turning their attention to commercial built-in cooktops, which can fit into a cabinet. They come in multiple types or full-size, such as built-in Chinese wok cookers, drop-in glass cooktops, and slide-in electric ovens.

In terms of saving kitchen space, built-in stoves are the champions of commercial cooking equipment. It has additional usage requirements, such as sufficient cooling space or durable cooling fans.

Professional Equipment - Commercial countertop Stove?

More restaurateurs are keen to purchase commercial countertop stoves, a kind of cooking equipment with professional and commercial firepower (3500W/5000W), light in size, and portable outdoors.

Commercial countertop stoves have clear divisions in cooking modes. You’ve probably browsed on Amazon or eBay for countertop stoves that are professional for frying French fries, stir-frying vegetables, boiling pasta, or searing chicken chops.

For example, some commercial cooker manufacturers offer kitchen contractors a full line of options for food truck deep fryers, restaurant countertop stoves, commercial countertop pasta cookers, or restaurant countertop flat griddles.

Friendly Equipment for Compact Restaurant- 5 reasons?

Compared with free-standing commercial stoves or large industrial stoves, commercial countertop stoves or built-in stoves are friendly cooking equipment for compact restaurants. You can get commercial countertop stoves at an affordable price to help your restaurant cook large orders. The tabletop commercial stove with a simple structure will not take too much time to maintain.

Save Space

17*19*7 inches commercial desktop stove, no matter if it is embedded in the cabinet or placed on the stainless steel stove, will not take up too much kitchen space. You can cook at least 10 pounds of food with the help of a commercial tabletop stove, which means orders for 15 to 25 people will be filled.

Before purchasing a commercial built-in stove, you need to make sure that you have reserved a space of 16*16*8 inches in your cabinet. It can be a good investment, a commercial built-in stove will provide you with a tidy kitchen and professional cooking. Whether it is to save kitchen space or multiple cooking models, commercial table stoves or built-in stoves will be the best choice for compact restaurants.

Various cooking modes:

Some restaurateurs on a tight budget prefer to purchase multi-purpose commercial stoves to facilitate the cooking of multiple foods. For example, in the Lestov 3500W commercial table stove, you can fry French fries, melt chocolate sauce or simmer curry soup.

On the multi-function panel of the 3500W commercial desktop stove, there are two menu options stir-fry or stew. They have pre-stored heating power or time parameters, and you can edit them according to your needs.

It means that you can add deep-fried fries, egg-fried rice, and grilled chicken options to your restaurant menu. You can fry, stir-fry, and boil food with a commercial tabletop stove.


In the commercial cooktop market, commercial countertop stoves are budget-friendly cooking machines. The price of $150 to $405 is easy for most restaurateurs to accept. Some household stoves cost between $50 and $189.

Some compact kitchens or restaurants plan to use a household stove as a cost-saving option, but find that they are more prone to damage when cooking large batches of orders. It doesn’t have much to do with the quality of the household stove, cause it can cook for a family of 3 to 5 people, not hundreds.

In the Lestov commercial tabletop induction cooktop, the service life is more than seven years. Converted into an annual cost, it is only equivalent to a KFC bill.


On the camping shopping list, commercial stoves made the list. For campers with enough electricity or natural gas, some commercial stoves are portable and cook large quantities of food.

They are small enough to fit in the trunk of a car. Some commercial induction stoves with high safety can be placed in tents. It has no open flame, so there is no need to worry about fire.

Easy to maintain:

Some commercial countertop stoves, such as restaurant countertop induction cooktops, do not have complex construction. It only has induction coils, heated glass, or movement. It means you can replace damaged accessories with an instruction manual or video. If you buy a product from the commercial countertop stove manufacturer, you will get free accessories and 24/7 after-sales service.

From the Manufacturer - Buying Tips for Commercial Countertop Stoves

Are you already planning to purchase a commercial tabletop stove for your restaurant? Stay tuned as Lestov continues to provide valuable buying tips for your purchase of quality commercial cooking equipment.


When you walk into a commercial cooker supermarket, you will see many types of cooking equipment, such as gas commercial stoves, electric cookers or induction ranges for restaurants.

If your restaurant already has natural gas pipelines, then I would recommend that you choose a commercial tabletop gas stove, which will be happy for you or the chef.

For restaurateurs looking for safety, I would recommend that they use a commercial electric stove or induction range. They don’t produce many fumes, and you don’t have to worry about gas explosions or daily cleaning grease.

In the ranking of safety, it will be sorted from induction range to electric stove to gas stove. If you don’t want to deal with the fire department then I would recommend a commercial induction range.


If you’re cooing over the low price of a commercial stove, it’s going to mean more on your repair bill. As a manufacturer of commercial stoves, Lestov knows the price of a quality commercial stove.

When you need a high-quality commercial stove, some high-quality steel and components will be used, which also means a higher price. No commercial stove manufacturer has the perfect balance of quality and price.

Cheaper prices mean thin steel or inferior components, as many restaurateurs agree. How to purchase high-quality commercial stoves? Please consult your supplier and ask it to provide relevant product quality certificates, such as CE, URL, etc.

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