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Chinese Wok Range 10 Questions for Chefs Concerned – Manufacturer Answer

Before making a purchase decision, chefs fall into anxiety and entanglement to buy the best, most cost-effective, and most suitable Chinese wok range. Do you have searched for buying tips on restaurant Chinese wok range on Google or Bing? Please refer to the Ten core questions compiled by the Lestov wok stove manufacturer. It will save you time and provide valuable answers.

What is the Chinese Wok range?

Wok range is not a patent of China, many countries have wok range. Why do people prefer to call it the Chinese wok range? It is a tribute to Chinese chefs who show professional abilities in wok cooking. Wok cookers have been manufactured and used in China for 5,000 years, then introduced to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

China is the birthplace of wok range. There are thousands of professional wok range manufacturers in China. Therefore, many restaurant owners prefer to buy Commercial wok range from Chinese factories.

Benefiting from 5,000 years of use experience and market testing, China has a complete and professional Commercial wok cooker production line. What is the purpose of a wok cooker? For most Asian restaurants or Chinese food, especially Cantonese restaurants, dishes must have Wok Hei as a standard for evaluating a chef.

The Commercial wok range is cooking equipment designed for Wok Hei. It can quickly produce high heat/high power stir-fry dishes, making the food full of steam and crispy flavor.

What kind of stove do Chinese restaurants use?

Most Chinese restaurants will use commercial small wok stoves or commercial large wok cookers ( frying pan). Chinese people are keen on eating stir-fried dishes. Compared with Western food (cold food), Chinese people prefer hot food.

If you have browsed the Chinese wok range product catalog or entered the commercial kitchen of an Asian restaurant, you will find that the Chinese wok range three burners / Chinese wok range two burners / commercial large wok range is a must-have product.

How distinguish different types of Chinese wok ranges? It is named after the number of burners and soup warmers. The wok and the water sink (soup warmer) are two parts of the commercial small wok stove. A wok and water sink cooking equipment is called a Chinese wok range 2 burner.

commercial induction small wok cooker VS commercial induction large wok cooker

The Chinese small wok range is suitable for stir-frying food, and its cooking capacity is about 8.7L to 17L. It’s suitable for small restaurants, outdoor kitchens, or food trucks. The commercial large wok range is suitable for stir-frying or frying food. Its cooking capacity ranges from 18L to 180L and is suitable for canteens, hotels, and food factories.

Malaysian, Singaporean, and American restaurants prefer to buy Chinese small wok range (Kwali wok range). For example, Panda Express restaurant in the United States has purchased Lestov commercial induction small wok cookers for ten years. Indian restaurateurs prefer commercial induction large wok cooker (frying pan) for frying food.

L&T commercial induction wok cooker

How does an electric wok compare to a gas one?

According to the heating method, the Chinese wok range is divided into three types: gas, electric, and induction. They have different advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking for a wok cooker that heats over an open flame and stirs quickly, you can choose the commercial gas wok stove.

If you are looking for an electric heated wok cooker, you can choose a commercial electric wok burner. If you are looking for a wok cooker that is energy-saving, safe, and instantly heated without open flames, you can choose a commercial induction wok cooker.

Ranked according to high heat (power), electric<induction<gas. Ranked according to safety, gas<electric<induction. According to the energy saving ranking, gas<electric<induction. According to the ranking of energy usage, gas<electric<induction.

Does wok cooking need to be gas-fired for the best results?

In Chinese or Asian restaurants, gas cooking is still a mainstream trend. Gas cooking is the mode most similar to wood fire cooking. They are heated by open flames and generate high heat quickly. Most chefs say that gas-fired food brings out the most delicious flavors.

It does not mean a commercial gas wok cooker is the best choice. The flames you see are the culprits of wasted energy. You are unaware of these wastes and even applaud them. According to data predictions, the effective energy usage rate of a commercial gas wok cooker is 55%. 45% of the waste is taken away by the flame. It produces a lot of fumes, forcing you to buy a commercial range hood.

Do induction wok cooktops get hot enough to effectively stir-fry?

This problem is a factor that limits restaurant owners from purchasing commercial induction wok cookers. Let us first understand why stir-fry requires a wok cooker to obtain sufficient temperature. Stir fry is a mode that relies on high temperatures to heat food quickly. For example, it can reach 100℃ to 150℃ within 1 minute. What makes Chinese fried rice so good? Stir-frying at high temperatures is the reason.

The flames provide the commercial gas wok stove with high temperatures for stir-frying dishes. What does an induction wok cooker rely on? The wire reel of a commercial induction wok cooker is the heating component. It is usually round and fits the work perfectly. It provides even heating in all directions.

Take the tabletop restaurant induction wok cooker as an example. It has power levels from 1 to 8, corresponding to 1000W to 3500W. When you turn it up to 3500W, it will get hot enough to stir-fry.

How induction works-the working principle of induction cookers

According to the above content, we know that the wire reel is the factor that determines whether the induction wok range can provide enough temperature for effective stir-frying. Before you make a purchase decision, please ask the manufacturer how many spools this induction wok range has.

According to the document of Lestov, the standard setter of Chinese commercial induction cookers, a double-layer copper wire reel is the standard for the induction wok range. It provides sufficient firepower, efficiency, and safety.

What should I look for when purchasing my first wok stove?

If you are struggling with how to buy the best commercial wok cooker, don’t miss these buying tips from the manufacturer of Lestov.

(1) Heating method

If you have browsed the above buying tips, you will know that the Chinese wok range is divided into three types: induction, gas, and electric. How to choose a wok range that is more suitable for your restaurant?

If your commercial kitchen is equipped with gas pipelines, please do not hesitate to buy a commercial gas wok cooker. If you are pursuing energy-saving, safe, and instant heating cooking equipment, please do not hesitate to purchase the commercial induction wok range.

(2) Cooking capacity

It depends on your restaurant’s daily cooking capacity. Here’s a quick guide to figuring out which wok cooker you need. If you cook one serving of egg fried rice at a time or the capacity is <18L, you can choose the commercial small wok range. If you prepare lunch for 50 to 500 people, you can choose the commercial large wok cooker.

restaurant (2)

(3) Kitchen space

It’s difficult to fit too much cooking equipment into a cramped commercial kitchen, which is why restaurateurs are constantly expanding their kitchens to capture more orders. Please send your kitchen area to the Lestov manufacturer and it will provide you with a one-stop cooking equipment solution.

If your kitchen space is limited, you can opt for a built-in commercial wok cooker. It can be built into the stove or cabinet.

(4) Agent VS manufacturer

The stove dealers you are consulting with buy from manufacturers. It’s the reason that convinces you the most. Why would restaurant owners prefer to buy from agents rather than manufacturers? Why would they rather give up the manufacturer’s direct selling price and choose the agent’s high price? The answer for many restaurateurs is that it is more convenient to buy from agents and the after-sales service is faster.

Agents transport goods from manufacturers to local locations via sea freight. Many technical services and after-sales services rely on manufacturers to provide videos, pictures, or online videos.

Can you deep fry chicken in a wok cooker?

If you purchase a commercial larger wok cooker (frying pan), frying food on the wok is allowed. It has a frying range of 600 to 1200mm, which is enough to make large quantities of fried chicken, French fries, and donuts.

If you are a professional restaurateur, you can choose a commercial induction deep fryer that is specifically designed for frying food. It is more precise in temperature control than the commercial large wok cooker. Temperature control is a factor that cannot be ignored when purchasing a deep fryer.

commercial restaurant induction deep fryer frying chicken wing

Is it okay to use an electric wok to make a Chinese hot pot?

If you have been to a hot pot restaurant in Sichuan, you will find that most restaurants use commercial wok cookers. It is usually a commercial electric wok cooker or a commercial induction wok cooker, rarely a gas wok burner.

commercial induction wok cooker hot pot cooker

There is a circular cave in the middle of the dining table where the commercial built-in wok cooker is placed. Why do hot pot restaurants choose commercial built-in induction wok cookers? First, embedded stoves save more space, and second, induction heating without open flames is safer.

What are some tips when cooking with a wok cooker?

(1) Wok material

Traditional Chinese restaurants prefer to use iron pots over wok cookers. The iron pan will heat more evenly and is less likely to stick to the pan. Some chefs will choose a stainless steel wok pot, which is made of food-grade material. Aluminum pans are not recommended as they can produce substances that are harmful to the body. To avoid sticking, some restaurant owners purchase nonstick stainless steel wok pots. It is easy to clean and the non-stick coating composed of Teflon will peel off after long-term use.

(2) Moisten the pot

Do you want to know how to extend the life of your iron pan? Please review the maintenance tips provided by the Lestov manufacturer. Read More:


Lestov, a commercial induction wok cooker manufacturer from China, has 20 years of experience in independent research and development/production/sales of a full range of cooking equipment. It has provided one-stop cooking equipment solutions to 200+ stove dealers from 75 countries. Please feel free to consult us for commercial induction cooker picks.

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