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Best Ways to Ship Countertop Induction Cooktops from China

Some new importers or agents are not familiar with shipping from China but are much interested in Lestov brand commercial countertop induction cookers. If there is no plan for the “landing cost” of orders, this may be just a “cheap expensive” or “prelude surprise.” The following is a good guide that will help you avoid similar situations.

To make sure goods can be delivered in time and safely, proper packaging and shipping options are two things you need to consider. Let us provide you with the following two items about transportation:

  • What packaging way do you use?
  • What kind of transportation mode do you choose?

Packing Ways

Packaging ways affect the shipping safety and package size of tabletop induction cookers, as well as direct shipping costs due to weight.

Reliable manufacturers discuss with buyers about the packaging information. At the packaging center of tabletop induction cooktops in the Lestov plant, two types are selectable: cartons box or wooden boxes.

1. Carton packing

Advantages: Recyclable, lightweight, easy to handle and transport Disadvantages: Risk of damage in the event of severe collisions and moisture.

Carton packaging limits the weight of the tabletop induction burner itself. In general, the load capacity of the outer carton packaging should not exceed 20kg. To reduce possible damage, we placed a lot of commercial bubbles inside the carton, especially on the side of the ceramic glass.

Download here: Carton Packing List for Tabletop Induction Cooktops

2. Wooden packing

The wooden box is made of a thickened splint. The height depends on the height of the cargo carried. The support feet of the wooden box will reserve 10cm of space for the forklift operation.

  • Advantages: features of high load-bearing capacity and vibration resistance can effectively protect the integrity of the product; maximize the utilization of the wooden box’s space; save the space and costs of the warehouse.
  • Disadvantages: Disassembling the package need too much time; special attention to the placement conditions, such as pest control and moisture.


Commercial Induction Cooktop Delivery

Mode of transport

For some orders, the shipping time and cost can not be the only consideration but it is usually a primary factor. For both manufacturers and importers, delayed delivery can result in costly sales losses and reduce customer loyalty. Therefore, the most cost-effective shipping way is also an important issue for cooperation and a win-win.

(1) Express Courier Delivery – DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT

  • Advantages: Short delivery time (3-7 days); tracking number online; one-stop Door-To-Door service.
  • Disadvantages: they are not suitable for large or heavy goods.

For sample orders or small quantities of goods, the Express courier may be your first worldwide delivery option.

Calculation about Express Courier:

Express Unit of Volume Weight of Dimension
By Express Courier cm³ Volume/5000

The weight that was chargeable is the heavier one between gross weight and dimensional weight. The cheapest courier selection is based on where are you located and how much weight you are going to ship.

We also have sorted out some helpful suggestions from Express delivery.

Express Company Weight for Suggestion Region/Country for Suggestion
DHL <5.5kg, between 21kg and 100kg Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand
UPS between 6kg and 21kg, >100kg USA, Canada
FEDEX between 21kg and 100kg Southeast Asia, the United States, South America, Africa
TNT >100kg Europe, the Middle East

Kindly note: Please select the courier company based on your budget and actual cargo conditions.

(2) Express Air Delivery

  • Advantages: 4-10 days to reach the local airport; for goods over 250kg, the cost will be more economical.
  • Disadvantages: In most places, courier companies can only provide Door-To-Airport services. You need to go through customs clearance procedures when picking up the goods.

Kindly note: Air transport has a MOQ (45kg) weight, and the weight rates will increase, such as + 45kg, + 100kg, + 300kg, + 500kg, + 1000kg. When the weight of the goods exceeds 250 kg, you can try to choose air. If it is less than 250 kg, please insist on using international express delivery.

Calculation about Express Air:

Express Unit of Volume Weight of Dimension
By Express Airfreight cm³ Volume/5000


(3) Sea Shipping

For big orders with many quantities, Sea shipping will be the first choice.

  • Advantages: FCL or LCL selection at low prices.
  • Disadvantages: shipping time is long; customs clearance procedures are needed when picking up the goods at the destination port, which will be additional costs.

Sea shipping: 4 Trade Terms-EXW/FOB/CIF/DAP

  • The factory/manufacturer, which is EXW
  • A nearby port in China, which is FOB
  • A nearby port in your country, which is CIF (including maritime insurance)
  • All the way to your facility, which is DAP/DDU (not including tariff and taxes)

Please note:

  • Most China suppliers will quote EXW or FOB prices at the beginning and provide a different price based on different terms and your request.
  • The minimum billable volume/weight for Sea shipping is 1 CBM or 1 Ton.
  • Customs clearance involves the preparation and submission of documents required by the authorities, which is too complicated. You’d better find a customs broker for help. Smooth customs clearance can avoid further unnecessary detention and demurrage.

For the best way to ship countertop induction cooktops from China, you can write to [email protected]. We hope we were able to make things clear for you.

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