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Breaking mysterious wall: Chinese Commercial Induction Cooker Buying Guides

Commercial induction cooker refers to the induction cooker used in commercial kitchens. It is a kitchen electromagnetic cooking equipment with more advanced technology, a wide application range, and more cooking capacity, which extends from the household induction cooker to the equipment needs of commercial kitchens.

Commercial induction cookers with a power of 3KW-12KW are regularly used in commercial places where open flames are restricted, such as restaurants, canteens, colleges, factories, and military units. Some commercial induction cooker manufacturers support customized services.

Suppose this is your first contact with a commercial induction cooker. In this case, you must put aside the concept of home induction cookware, because the use environment of the two is very different in China.

If you are looking for a partner supplier to develop the commercial induction cooker business, we hope you will continue to read.

With our local manufacturer status in China and 18 years of overseas marketing experience, the Lestov team wrote this article so that you can find a reliable manufacturer (supplier) when preparing to import commercial induction cookers from China.

This article is dividing into the following sections for discussion:

√ Understand the market overview of Chinese commercial induction cooker

√ Understand the market overview of foreign commercial induction cookers

√ Reasons affecting the development of commercial induction cookers

√ The development path of commercial electromagnetic kitchen equipment

√ Development trend of commercial induction cooker industry

Market Overview of Commercial Induction Cooker in China

After nearly two decades of development in the Chinese market, commercial induction cookers have entered a mature stage, transforming from an incremental market to a stock market.


  • Commercial induction cooker manufacturers such as Lestov, Cooktek, and Vollrath, have become essential sellers of commercial induction cookers in China, and a brand pattern supplemented by other manufacturers has taken shape.


  • With the increase in recognition and demand for commercial induction cookers in the west, domestic electromagnetic kitchen equipment has met consumer demand, and the distribution of traffic is mainly based on exports and fewer imports.


  • The convenience of Internet shopping has made online sales channels the main channel for commercial induction cooker sales. The offline market is becoming saturated and affected by the epidemic, sales accounted for a relatively small proportion.


  • Commercial induction burners include frying, boiling, stir-frying, stewing, and baking, and consumers have diversified buying options. Under the influence of Chinese food habits, electromagnetic kitchen equipment such as double-burners commercial induction wok cookers, Freestanding commercial induction soup stoves, and countertop restaurant induction single burners are more popular.
  • The age distribution of consumers tends to be younger. The younger generation accepts new things faster than the middle-aged and elderly groups, which also promotes the development and production of innovative commercial induction cooking equipment that is more aligned with the needs of young consumers.


  • The younger generation pays more attention to the experience of using commercial induction hobs and the satisfaction of their needs, and the price considerations will be less than that of the elderly.


  • Cities are still the main areas where commercial induction cookers market. Some large-scale places such as hotels, commercial restaurants, colleges, and governments are the sales targets of commercial induction cookers.


  • With the support of the developed national grid and preferential purchase policies. The popularity and purchase rate of commercial induction cookers in rural areas have also increased significantly. Based on the user experience of household electromagnetic kitchen equipment, residents are more likely to accept and buy commercial induction burners.


  • Commercial induction cookers have a large room for development in the Chinese market. Commercial induction cookers entering the kitchen engineering design or household appliances market will become a new development direction.

Market Overview of Commercial Induction Cooker in Foreign Countries

  • In 1957, the first household induction cooker was born in Germany and was used in American households in the 1970s.


  • Therefore, the acceptance and recognition of commercial induction cookers in the foreign market are far better than that in the domestic market. That has inherent advantages for selling commercial induction cookers.


  • It is worth noting that although induction cooktops were born in Germany, in countries where natural gas is the energy source, the purchase rate of induction cooktops is still low compared to gas stoves.


  • Low natural gas prices have made gas stoves more popular in Italy, the United States, and other countries. What is surprising is that the recognition of induction technology in Spain, the United Kingdom, and other countries and regions is increasing, such as the hot sale of gas and induction stoves.


  • The cost of shipping and the choice of logistics companies are significant factors that hinder the promotion and development of commercial induction cooking equipment in foreign markets.


  • It is worth mentioning that some Chinese commercial induction cooker manufacturers will bear part of the shipping costs. Compared with the same period last year, the price of a Chinese commercial induction cooker is cheaper than the price in the region.


  • In countries/regions with expensive electricity and equipped with natural gas infrastructure, gas stoves are the commonly used kitchen cooking equipment, and the acceptance and demand for commercial induction cookers affect the purchase rate.

Reasons affecting the development of commercial induction cookers

Commercial induction cookers are emerging products in China. Compared with household induction cookers, the use environment and requirements are limited, and the difficulty of popularization has also increased.

Industry-Standard Specification

Nowadays. The Chinese commercial induction cooker manufacturing industry does not have a complete and definite industry standard specification, The main reason is that the use environment of commercial induction cookers is quite different, and it is difficult to develop commercial electromagnetic equipment standards that are suitable for all environments.

The increase and development of commercial kitchen equipment suppliers will, to a certain extent, lead to a situation where product supply is relatively saturated. Once consumer demand decreases, low-price auctions or vicious competition will inevitably occur in market share.

The imbalance of supply and demand also reveals that some commercial induction cooker manufacturers, choose low-quality components and raw materials to balance the difference between cost and price.

Under such a market environment, consumers’ questioning and high requirements on product quality limit the sale and purchase of a larger portion of commercial electromagnetic cookers, which will prompt kitchen equipment manufacturers to strictly control quality and use advanced technology to create more benefits.

Specific Cookware

At present, induction kitchen equipment is still trapped by the obstacles of only using specific cooking utensils. That has also become an important reason why consumers are unwilling to try induction kitchen equipment.

Non-magnetic cooking utensils cannot form a magnetic field with induction stoves. Therefore, glass, ceramics, and materials such as copper and aluminum are rejecting the production of induction cookware.

High price

The high price of kitchen induction equipment is still an unaffordable option for ordinary residents under the potential demand for new cookware.

Even with the knowledge that induction cooking can cook quickly, accurately control temperature, and is easy to clean, the high price forces residents to choose more affordable gas stoves.

Professional Manufacturer

Are you a professional manufacturer of commercial induction cookers? It is also gradually becoming the reference standard for consumers when purchasing. Choosing a professional induction cooking equipment manufacturer means choosing products with strong professionalism, high product quality, and customized products.

As mentioned earlier, commercial induction technology is a relatively new technology in China and internationally. To a large extent, this will bring constant challenges to the maintenance and after-sales service of commercial kitchen equipment.

It is worth mentioning that professional commercial induction cooker manufacturers have professional capabilities for the structure and fault maintenance of commercial electromagnetic hobs due to their research and development and production of products. At the same time, there is professional maintenance personnel in various regions of the country to provide on-site maintenance services.

Development Path of Commercial induction Cooking Equipment

  • Consumer demand has become a significant basis for cookware companies in their innovative research and development, giving cookware more diversified and personalized function customization. Commercial Induction cooking equipment will also continue to innovate with changes in cooking methods and dietary styles to meet the new needs of consumers.


  • The difference in the voltage and requirements of commercial induction cooking equipment in different regions stimulates the development and production of customized products. Commercial Induction cooking equipment can be used in 220v/380v, two-phase/three-phase power environments, and will develop products, that are more in line with different needs.


  • Manufacturers of commercial induction cooking equipment are sharing the price and cost of induction cooking with purchase incentives (freight subsidies, complimentary cooking utensils). But during the economic downturn, the price after the incentives is still expensive, and the material level is far from being able to afford the use of induction technology.


  • The popularization of induction technology is not only the responsibility of manufacturers and the public, but it is more feasible for the government to formulate sound incentive measures to promote it. Fortunately, in developed areas where the economy is stable, commercial induction cooking equipment has achieved a higher rate of growth.


  • The emphasis is on the formulation of industry standards and specifications for commercial induction cookers. As well consumers’ emphasis on product quality will become a reference and approach for the development, and improvement of professional kitchen equipment.


  • At present, high-power semiconductors with high-quality performance have been put into actual production. In addition, commercial induction cookers provide diversified options for intelligent operation, automation, touch technology, radiation protection, and other functions. For example, steaming with fewer resources, while retaining most of the nutritional value, is used by many large cookware companies in traditional ovens and cookware.

Development Trend of Commercial Induction Cooker Industry

Surprisingly, commercial induction cookers will still be in places where large-scale kitchen equipment is required, such as hotels, commercial restaurants, shops, schools, etc. That will become the sales market for commercial induction cookers.

With the national environmental protection policy and the importance of environmental protection, especially under the consensus that green and low-carbon development has become the world economic development, induction cookers have become the trend of choice for commercial cooking equipment.

The development of professional commercial kitchen equipment suppliers is gradually improving the difference in product quality, forming more standardized and definite industry standards and specifications, and manufacturing high-efficiency, energy-saving, and green induction cooking equipment. For example, Lestov is the preferred manufacturer in the Chinese commercial induction cooker market.

  • Lestov is the only company in China that has 18 years of experience in designing customized commercial induction cookers. It is a technical leader in professional induction cookers in the catering industry and large-scale kitchens.


  • It is worth noting that Lestov is a manufacturer that only focuses on R&D and the production of commercial induction cookers.


  • The core technology of all commercial induction equipment is developed by the internal R&D team to precisely control each cooking process.


  • It has close communication and cooperation with customers in more than 50 different countries/regions and provides efficient equipment support for large kitchen projects such as Panda Restaurant, Real Kungfu, Xiamen University, etc.


  • While focusing on core technology innovation and diversification of product types. It will produce novel products that meet modern aesthetic needs. For example, with the advantage of IPX3 waterproof (360° splash without penetration), the overall aesthetic design of the machine body makes the commercial induction cooker more in line with consumers’ demand for the aesthetics of the kitchen.


  • The Lestov commercial induction cooker manufacturer is one of the few chairman units that has received the support and affirmation of the Chinese Commercial Induction Cooker Industry Association and is a leader in the industry in terms of product quality and professionalism.

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