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Industrial Commercial Freestanding 4 Burners Induction Hob

Commercial Induction Cooker User Guide – Tips from Manufacturers

Induction cooktops have almost become heating machines found everywhere in-home/commercial kitchens. However, manufacturers of induction cooktops have noticed that many users still have doubts about how induction cookers work and how to use an induction hob.

You can find specific answers in the induction range cooker user guide provided by the commercial induction cooktop manufacturer.

A simple guide on how to use a commercial induction cooker

  • Place the induction plate on a stable burner panel
  • Insert the wiring of the induction hot plate into the socket of the corresponding voltage
  • Press the power switch of the induction range cooker and wait for the burner to start
  • Adjust the power and temperature of the cookware through the magnetic induction gear switch
  • After use, press the power button to stop the operation of the commercial induction cooktop
  • In the case of no cooking utensils, high temperature, dry pan, etc., the induction hob will stop releasing heat.

If you are purchasing high-efficiency and energy-saving induction kitchen cooking equipment for restaurants, I suggest you browse Leadstov commercial induction cookers supplier.

It is the only manufacturer in China with 20 years of professional induction cooker production experience, covering cooking equipment such as stir-frying, frying, grilling, steaming, and stewing.

What is the working principle of commercial induction cooktops?

When you see this weird induction cooking equipment, you will wonder how the induction cooker works. That is not an esoteric scientific problem. The induction hob does not generate heat on its own. It relies on internal heating components such as coils (energy polymer magnetic wires).

After the AC power is input, it urges it to cooperate with the alternating magnetic field and directly release heat energy to the bottom of the pot during friction. The small white vortex is the visual carrier of thermal energy.

Commercial Induction Cooktop Working Principle

Why choose commercial induction cookers?

Induction cooking equipment has almost appeared in some places such as restaurants, shops, schools, and even more portable advantages have been introduced into family gatherings.

Commercial Induction cooker power consumption

That is an induction cooking equipment that completely absorbs heat. You will not feel any heat outside the cookware during the cooking process.

That is a secret to keep the kitchen cool & tidy, without spending more to add heat dissipation equipment and cleaning staff.

The commercial induction cooker dissipates quickly

Except for the stainless steel body and panel, you and the water stain cannot explore the components and accessories inside the induction wok burner.

In the enclosed space, you still see the sealed stainless steel movement shell through the heat-dissipating twin-turbo fan.

Commercial Induction friendly cooker

Under the requirements of environmental protection, the induction hob cooktop that uses electricity as the energy source makes it hard, to see the emission of excess oil fume and chemical substances during cooking.

Electricity is a renewable energy source, and an induction hot plate that uses electricity as an energy source is a more sustainable purchase trend.

Commercial Induction range cooker function

  • In addition to placing cookware and pressing switches to adjust keys, the other cooking tasks are undertaken by the induction wok burner, which solves the difficulty of controlling the temperature of the gas stovetop with precise and sensitive temperature control technology.
  • The amount of radiation emitted by an induction hob cooker is only one-sixtieth of that of a mobile phone. In almost all induction cooking equipment, its induction wave radiation affects the least.
  • How to finish cooking while falling asleep or going out? That is almost impossible in the use of gas stovetops if you want to bear the risk of gas leakage or explosion.
  • Timing design, high-temperature warning, and commercial induction cooktops function design with over-temperature shutdown make this possible. White-collar workers or housewives can taste fresh afternoon tea after work, which is already the norm in induction stove utensils cooking.
  • That is the secret that allows restaurants to win in the speed of eating, processing more orders at the same time without the need for specialized personnel to look after them.
  • That is not an exclusive benefit for restaurants, hotels, and commercial kitchens. Induction burner cooktop manufacturers can almost provide customized induction range top services for camping, trucks, dining cars, and other user environments.
  • You can predict the actual comparison of the energy costs of induction cooktops and gas stoves. Compared with a gas stove burner with a thermal efficiency of about 50%, an induction cooking plate with a thermal efficiency of more than 93%. It is a more cost-effective and high-quality choice.

In the above description, you have understood the working principle of the induction hob and a simple guide on how to use the induction range cooker. Below, I will answer your use of the induction range cooker with actual products.

How to debug the commercial induction hob (take the Lestov induction countertop stovetop as an example)

  • Debugging plays a significant role in detecting whether the induction hob cooker is suitable for your kitchen. Although the commercial induction cooktop manufacturer has tested the performance of the induction hob many times before delivery.
  • Please turn the magnetic induction switch off the induction wok cooker to the 0 position to restart all induction procedures.
  • Turn on the main power switch, after hearing a B sound from the induction hob cooker, all the numbers and indicators on the display will be displayed briefly. Then the red power indicator light will flash, and the blue work indicator light will go out.
  • Rotate the magnetic induction gear switch, such as the power indicator light, the work indicator light flashes, the cooling fan is running, the gear position is displayed as one gear, and the induction range cooker has started normally.
  • Please continue to twist the magnetic induction gear switch to test whether the power of gears 1-8 has increased accordingly (the shift gears will have a B sound).
  • After the power conversion is normal, please turn the magnetic induction gear switch to the 0 gear and turn off the induction burner cooktop. The power indicator will light up, the work indicator will turn off, and the fan will stop running after one minute.
  • After the fan stops running, turn off the main power switch, and the commissioning of the induction hob cooker is complete.

As mentioned above, the induction hob does not directly generate heat, is generated in the reaction of the magnetic field and the magnetic field of the commercial range. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose the appropriate cooker for your induction plate cooker.

How to install the commercial induction cooker? (Take the Lestov induction frying stove as an example)

You haven’t had to worry about how to install the commercial induction range cooker. Lestov manufacturers will be assembled and tested by professional and technical personnel before leaving the factory.

What you receive will be a fully assembled induction range cooker packed in a thick carton/wood cabinet, guaranteeing the integrity of the furnace during shipping by sea/air.

What you need to do is to reserve a ventilated and dry environment for the induction hob cooker. The distance between the commercial wok burner and the wall should be more than 35cm. That is also applicable to the built-in induction cooker.

It is worth noting that the water inlet of the Lestov induction stir-frying stove is at the bottom right of the stove. You need to install a water valve and a flexible connection at the water inlet to facilitate maintenance.

The 380V inlet is at the bottom of the stove need to check whether you have the corresponding socket and leakage protection switch.

Cookware for commercial induction cooker

Most induction range cooker manufacturers will configure the corresponding cooking utensils, preventing you from finding suitable cooking utensils. They will provide you with the purchase option of free cooking utensils.

If you need to buy cookware for your induction range cooker in the electrical appliance market, it is recommended to choose a magnetic material, flat bottom, and smooth cookware.

Does the cookware have to be magnetic? the reply is yes. The induction hob cooker can only release heat by reacting with the magnetic cookware.

That is not possible with non-magnetic cookware such as ceramics, aluminum, and glass. Unless a magnetic underlayer is added to the bottom, the sensing range will stop running or cannot generate heat.

Stainless steel pots, iron pots, and other magnetic materials are considered the most suitable cooking utensils for the sensing range. If you want to know more about cookware, please browse the purchase list of induction cooker cookware

Placement and use of commercial induction stoves

  • The induction plate cooker should place on a stable induction hot plate. An inclined pot body/protruding panel is not conducive to effective induction.
  • Choose a pot that matches the induction panel circle. Cooking utensils that are too large or too few will cause the loss of heat.
  • In the manual, you will get specific information about the weight range of the induction panel, so please put the pots within the weight range.

The external function group of the commercial induction cooker (take the Lestov induction cooker as an example)

The cooking journey begins now. The induction stove burner also has a corresponding control panel to help you finish cooking. You will see the handle-type magnetic induction gear switch in the middle right part of the countertop stir-fryer stove.

The switch in the middle allows you to control the power from 1 to 8 by turning the button on your knees while your hands are busy cooking. You will also see an anti-misoperation switch next to the magnetic shift switch. After turning it on, you will get a function to protect your cooking from interference from other people.

You can almost see all the operating information of the kitchen induction range cooker on the smart display, such as power, gear, timing design, temperature control, fault information, high-definition simulated flame dynamics, and other real-time display.

You can set the cooking time from 1-180 minutes, and you can even schedule the turn-on time for your kitchen induction range cooker a few hours ago.

Built-in function group of a commercial induction hob

The induction hob cooker still has some user-friendly features worth mentioning, which will make your cooking easy and more convenient.

  • There is an automatic detection function for cooking utensils inside the induction cooktops. When it cannot detect the cookware or non-magnetic cookware, it will remind you to place or replace the cookware with a beep sound.
  • If you encounter a situation where the cooking suddenly stops, please do not rush to find a maintenance person or disassemble the induction hob.
  • When your induction hob is in bad conditions such as over-temperature, overflow, etc., the induction hot plate will activate the self-protection function (stop running).
  • After waiting for the temperature of the induction cooker plate to cool down, restart the induction program. That is not because the induction cooking plate is suffering from a malfunction.

If your induction range cooker is in a faulty state, please read the fault code information in the manual (insert the inner chain), or consult the manufacturer of the induction burner cooktop for help.

Cleaning and maintenance of commercial induction cooker

It is worth noting that cleaning the induction range top is not a hard operation. You only need to clean the cookware and the panel, which are not required for a completely enclosed body.

Before cleaning, please turn off the main power switch. Any cleaning action should be carried out when the operation is stopped.

After the induction wok stove has cooled down completely, wipe off the stain with a semi-damp cloth, and then wipe it dry with a paper towel/dry cloth.

Induction hobs are within the scope of electronic cooking equipment. Please do not wash them directly with water or use steam cleaners or similar methods to clean them.

The inner movement will send you an invitation to clean the air inlet of the fan after an interval of one month, which will help it dissipate heat and help you better complete cooking.

At last

I hope this article can provide you with significant tips on how to use the induction cooker. If you couldn’t wait to finish cooking with an induction cooker, please get started.

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