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Is the commercial induction cooker healthy?

With the way most commercial induction hob manufacturers have been producing top-quality cooktops, it’s really difficult to determine which one is the best commercial induction cooktop out there. One thing, however, that is easy to determine, is the fact that commercial induction range cookers are here to stay. They have come into the market and have made serious waves.

Users have come to accept them as equals to the already-known gas cooktops and electric cookers. Of course, this is good news for commercial induction hob manufacturers everywhere, but there’s one question that is usually on everyone’s mind when seeking to purchase these commercial induction wok cookers. Are they safe? How healthy is it to use commercial induction cooktops?

In this article, we are going to discuss just how healthy using a commercial induction cooker is. Are you ready? Let’s go. The following are some points that show just how healthy it is to use commercial induction cooktops. Brace yourself!

Massive energy reduction

When using a commercial induction cooktop, the amount of energy transferred into the atmosphere is significantly reduced. This is unlike other cooktops such as gas, where you see high energy being released into the atmosphere. This release is dangerous to the health and drowned out by health authorities. With commercial induction cooktops, you get up to a 75% reduction in this energy released. 

That’s a very huge number,won’t you agree? This means that little or no energy gets transferred into the environment when it comes to commercial induction cooktops. The cookers are so energy-specific that all the energy is focused on the cookware and its content. That’s why the cooker is well known.

Absence of Flames

With zero possibility of ignition, there definitely would be no flames anywhere. Commercial induction cooktops are built in such a way that they would never ignite anything. How would they anyway? They are cookware specific, meaning they only transfer heat to specific cookware. And they don’t cause flames at all, just heat, serious heat that gets meals cooked.

With this absence of flames and ignition, it’s very safe to use commercial induction cooktops in your homes, offices, and commercial catering kitchens. This is one area that which commercial induction hob manufacturers beat their competition. You might say, electric cookers don’t have flames as well, but what about ignition? They can easily ignite at the slightest mistake because it’s connected to a power source.

Cooks faster and specifically

As stated before, commercial induction hob manufacturers built these commercial kitchen cookers to be cookware specific, meaning they don’t transfer heat to objects that are not specific to them. This way, there is no risk of getting burned, there is no risk of unintentionally leaving your pot on the fire and seeing the content get burnt and the pot gets cooled almost immediately after the cooker is turned off.

Using a commercial induction cooktop means you will use very specific cookware, and they don’t keep heat means that you will never get burnt. The beauty of the whole thing is the meal prepared gets cooked way faster than your average cooker. It’s safe to use and operate a commercial induction cooker.

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Commercial Induction Cooker are very easy to be cleaned

Commercial induction range cookers are built-in super sleek designs that make them not only beautiful but also easy to clean. Their extra smooth surfaces mean you only need one swift wipe and they are clean again because they are non-sticky. It’s also worth noting that commercial induction cooktops have massive spill-control features. What this means is that, when you’re cooking and the food starts spilling out of the cookware, the cooker automatically goes off till you clean up the spill.

This reduces the danger of not only getting burned but also allowing the machine to get dirty. This is one major reason why it’s very healthy to use commercial induction cooktops. Spill management poses serious threats to chefs and homeowners alike and this feature controls it beautifully, making it safe for all.

Commercial induction cooker Save Space

This might not look like it’s worth being on the list but it is. Being able to manage space as well as operate in a work area that is spacious and free has health implications. Cooking in a space-choked place just because your cooker is big can be dangerous, you can easily trip on something and risk a deadly fall.

With built-in commercial induction cookers, you get to buy the cooktop that fits your kitchen perfectly. They come in different shapes and sizes and you can easily pick anyone that would ensure maximum space available for your kitchen without posing any threat to you.

Cooler Kitchens

As we’ve stated before, commercial induction cooktops are built to only start heating up when the right cookware (pan) is placed on them. This makes sure that your kitchen retains its cool at all times because no illegal heat is transferred out of the cooker. They all focus on the commercial induction cooktop and heat the pan making the food cook faster.

With all these amazing points and features, it’s very easy to see that commercial induction cooktops are very healthy and safe to use anywhere. Lestov is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of a full range of commercial induction cooking equipment.

They offer genuine quality machines at wholesale prices. They also offer free consultation and advice when it comes to anything that has to do with commercial induction cookers.

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