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The Types Of Restaurant Kitchen Induction Ramen Cooker

The Best Commercial Induction Pasta Cooker for Sale-2023

Few people can completely resist the mellow flavor of pasta/noodles. It could be enjoyed in restaurants, food trucks, food stalls, or at home. That is a quick and delicious menu choice.

Just as countertop commercial pasta cookers are a low-cost and high-quality investment that can solve compact kitchen space, although they can automatically and accurately cook large quantities of flat pasta with the perfect taste, it is sold at the most affordable price.

Please do not hesitate to contact the induction ramen cooker supplier-Lestov restaurant cooking equipment supplier with 18 years of manufacturing experience to obtain a commercial induction noodle cooker with high efficiency and low consumption.

When was pasta invented?

The most primitive noodles appeared in China more than 4,000 years ago, but they have not been promoted due to low crop yields and limitations in production techniques.

Until the Eastern Han Dynasty, chefs specializing in cooking pasta appeared in the palace. At this time, the pasta appeared in the form of a cake. In the Song Dynasty, a variety of noodle products were derived, and the name noodle.

At the same time, the Romans more than 2,000 years ago were eating a kind of pasta called Iagana, which was the original form of spaghetti and is now a staple food of Italians.

The Arabs spread spaghetti and noodle all over the world through trade, and people have gradually enriched the types, sauces, and recipes of pasta.

Therefore, it was believed that noodles were invented in China more than 4,000 years ago, and it has become a different representative of the noodle world. It is accepted and loved.

What are Commercial Pasta Cookers?

Commercial Pasta Cookers are a kind of kitchen equipment for cooking pasta. It usually has multiple pasta strainers on a round or square boiler water tank for cooking different spaghetti, noodle, and crawfish.

Pasta boilers are used in commercial kitchens such as restaurants, food stalls, hotels, canteens, and industries. Therefore, the Lestov manufacturer has developed commercial induction pasta cookers that meet the needs of commercial kitchens to cook large quantities of noodles orders.

A commercial induction noodle cooker is a high-power kitchen equipment that combines high-efficiency induction technology with traditional pasta cooking techniques.

The commercial induction noodle boiler with 2/4/6/9 spaghetti strainers can match the order requirements of different pasta sheets cooking. It is an instant pasta pot that can accommodate 2/4/5/6/8/19 quarts.

Surprisingly, you can rely on the commercial automatic pasta cooker to complete the cooking of spaghetti without the chef’s attention and time on the pasta boiler pot. That is an automatic pasta boiling machine that supports the pre-storage of cooking time, power, and temperature to give you the advantage of increasing profits.

The commercial induction noodle cooking pot can absorb 95% of the heat due to the choice of a double-layer concave energy-gathering coil.

That is a concave energy-concentrating coil with a larger copper wire diameter, more heating coils, and better thermal conductivity than household induction pasta utensils.

It can provide continuous, stable, high-frequency heat output for commercial induction ramen cookers, to better meet the needs of commercial kitchens for high-quality and high-efficiency products.

You may have tried to be annoyed by unstable flames while cooking spaghetti. You cant control the blisters that overflow when the commercial pasta cooker is boiling, and you can’t help burn the colorless temperature.

If you cook Italian pasta at an unstable high or low temperature, it will be easy for the pan or the pasta to be undercooked.

When the pasta is cooking, stable and high-frequency heat output is required. That is an important reason why the Lestov commercial induction pasta cooker is equipped with a double-layer concave energy-collecting coil with better heat conduction, stable output, and precise control.

  • safety valve

No one is willing to clean up the wastewater and residues of the pasta cooker commercial. If there is no safety valve with a drainage function, this will be a time-consuming action.

You can use the safety valve and boiler pipe on the front of the Induction boiler cooker to discharge wastewater and clean up stains.

It is made of durable, heat-resistant 304 stainless steel material, thereby reducing the stay of residue and the breeding of bacteria, helping you complete the drainage task of pasta pot induction faster and easier.

  • Germany Infineon-IGBT

The decisive factor for the Lestov commercial induction pasta cooker to realize automatic cooking. It has multi-function menu options & fire control is the application of Germany’s top IGBT-Infineon.

the precise code input by the Lestov R&D team to help you better control the spaghetti strainer pot The cooking process.

The commercial induction ramen cooker with 6 menu options supports the pre-stored cooking power, temperature, and time of various pasta.

You don’t need to arrange for a chef to take care of the cooking process of the commercial induction spaghetti cooking pot. Instead, it relies on an automatic lifting pasta strainer, boiler thermostat, and holder to control the pasta. Mature.

  • Triple anti-radiation enclosure design

Even in the face of a spaghetti cooker pot overflowing with soup or working in a humid kitchen environment, the commercial pasta cooker pot with IPX4 waterproof level (resisting the impact of splash water) can still operate normally without damaging the internal components/explosion.

That is the unique advantage of the induction pasta cooker machine with all stainless steel structures. It is worth mentioning that the commercial automatic pasta machine with a triple anti-radiation shell design may be able to reduce your concerns about electromagnetic radiation, even if electromagnetic radiation is only one-sixtieth of mobile phone radiation.

The easy-to-clean stainless steel material will provide you with a simple and quick solution to the problem – how do you clean the instant noodle cooker attachment? Even for small countertop pasta cooker parts such as safety valves, faucet, and drainer, Lestov also provides you with 304 food-grade stainless steel/201 material options.

Commercial Induction Pasta Boiler’s Function

  • 6 groups of menu options

Why can’t you always cook perfect pasta? Maybe because you lack a large restaurant induction noodle cooker with 6 menu options.

It does not require you to individually memorize the power, time, and temperature of each pasta sheet during cooking. It actively stores and supports functions such as constant temperature and appointment timing for you, and displays it on the intelligent display.

Completely humanized and user-friendly intelligent design, even if you do not know how to cook pasta, you can also provide delicious pasta for your customers and family.

It is worth noting that you can control each pasta strainer individually, it is not all strainers are controlled by a single functional group.

  • 8 levels of firepower adjustment

Without any experience in controlling firepower, each serving of pasta can get the same power service. That will be the perfect display of a commercial induction pasta cooker’s power adjustment in 8 positions.

The precise adjustment of the power from 700W to 5KW is to be competent for the unique temperature control required by each noodle. It is a commercial induction pasta cooking machine worth considering.

  • Water shortage alarm device

You don’t need to spend too much attention monitoring the water level of the commercial induction pasta cooker. That should be the task of the water shortage alarm device.

The Lestov commercial induction pasta cooker still has many commendable protection devices, such as the automatic shutdown of the body after over-temperature, pasta pot, unstable voltage, and three hours of operation.

Try to use commercial induction pasta cooking machines that are efficient, safe, multi-functional, and low-consumption to add a profitable pasta menu to your restaurant.

How do know when pasta is done?

That will vary from person to person. Generally, the pasta should remain slightly elastic when cooked, and the pasta has the best taste at this time.

Unless you are elderly or a child, the cooking time of pasta is recommended to be kept within 8-13 minutes. Of course, if it is macaroni, sliced noodles, hand-made noodles, etc., a longer cooking time is required.

Please do not try to rinse the cooked pasta in cold water. That is only applicable to Korean noodles/cold noodles. The rinsed pasta will lose the starch that can adhere to the sauce.

Can you steam pasta?

Yes, you can steam the spaghetti in a steaming tray to get the most original, healthy, and low-fat flavor experience of the noodles. Just like Lestov’s commercial countertop induction steaming cooker, it is suitable for steaming almost all foods, including seafood, rice, vegetables, steamed buns, dim sum, lobster, etc.

Please do not limit the product to specific functions, which will waste the multi-function menu design given to you by the commercial induction pasta cooking machine. Try to use commercial induction cooking equipment to discover more menu options. It can also become a potential advantage for your menu.

The hot-selling commercial induction pasta cooker from Lestov manufacturer

Restaurant 4 Baskets Commercial Countertop Pasta Cooker

Best commercial pasta cooker for sale! This countertop boiler cooker with a capacity of 16L spaghetti can achieve precise control from 700W to 5000W through 8 gear positions.

6 Holes Commercial Automatic Pasta Boiler for Restaurant

This automatic commercial pasta cooker with a boiler strainer system and thermostat can help you automatically cook pasta sheets, crawfish, and spaghetti. Automatic induction pasta maker has single/2/four/6/9/ baskets, suitable for Kitchenaid, industrial, home, etc.

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