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Restaurateur's Thoughts On Gas Wok VS Induction Wok

6 Questions about Automatic Cooking Machine – Manufacturer Answers

Are you looking for popular knowledge or buying tips about automatic cooking machines? Are you wondering whether an automatic wok machine is right for your restaurant? If so, please don’t ignore the 6 questions about automatic cooking machines compiled and answered by the Lestov manufacturer.

1、What is an automatic cooking machine?

The automatic cooking machine is a kitchen electrical equipment capable of automatic stir-frying food. It can cook a variety of dishes, including stir-frying eggs and rice, stirring sauces, fried foods, and simmered broths. The emergence of automatic cooking machines has changed the way chefs cook, allowing restaurants to provide delicious dishes to more diners and simplifying the tedious cooking process.

2、What are the benefits of an automatic cooking machine?

(1)Improve cooking efficiency

Compared with traditional manual cooking methods, automatic cooking machines can automatically heat, stir, or stir-fry without manual intervention. It means you can press a button and watch the automatic cooker cook while holding a cup of coffee. In addition, the automatic stir-fry machine can automatically adjust the cooking time or heating power according to different ingredients or dishes.

It ensures that every dish has just the right texture and flavor. If you don’t want to receive complaints from diners about inconsistent food flavors or novice chefs wasting too many ingredients, please turn your attention to a more efficient automatic wok machine!

(2)Retain nutrients

Why do Asian chefs prefer to use Chinese commercial wok cookers to stir-fry their food? Why does the automatic cooking machine use the same drum-type wok pot or round-bottomed wok as the Chinese wok cooker? Most diners say that Chinese commercial wok cookers can stir-fry food with Wok Hei.

The Chinese commercial wok reaches a high temperature of 300°C in 1 minute, which can quickly stir-fry food retain the moisture inside the food; and maintain the delicious taste and nutritional content of the ingredients.

Automatic cooking machines also play this role. During the cooking process, the automatic stir-fry machine can automatically help you add seasonings and ingredients (spraying the right amount at the right time) to make the food more delicious.

restaurant (2)

(3)Smart cooking

If you have your grandma’s cookbook or a collection of delicious recipes on Google/Bing, please enter it into your automatic stir-fry system. If you have extensive cooking experience and detailed recipe tutorials, don’t skimp on letting an automatic wok machine help you turn your ideas into reality.

If your diners have specific eating habits or food flavors, such as Sichuanese who love hot pot and spicy dishes. Please don’t forget to change the recipes in the automatic wok machine. It can customize different recipes according to different eating habits. The learning ability of the automatic cooking machine is powerful, and it can quickly recognize and apply recipes.

(4)Reduce Meaningless Work

Most chefs are doing repetitive tasks that are meaningless and unnecessary; such as stir-frying food, seasoning, and cleaning pots and pans. Why not try using an automatic cooking machine to complete these tasks? Chefs can spend more time and energy researching new dishes and improving product quality. Please let the good chefs do the right thing.

When chefs update more dishes and improve the quality of the dishes, more diners will visit your restaurant; this is an opportunity to increase revenue and positive reviews. If you don’t want customers to patronize the restaurant opposite you, if you don’t want diners to be bored with your same dishes; if you don’t want to receive comments on review websites complaining about the food being unpalatable, then turn your attention to smart cooking machines.

Why don't I recommend you use an automatic cooking machine

(5)Health and Safety

The automatic cooking machine reduces the fume pollution and noise caused by traditional cooking methods. Traditional cooking methods use wood stoves or gas stoves. These cooking devices produce a lot of fumes and noise during use. It affects kitchen air quality and cooks’ lungs, as well as environmental pollution. The automatic cooking machine uses electricity as a power source, which can reduce the generation of oil smoke and noise.

The automatic stir-fry machine uses a closed cooking method to avoid external contamination during the cooking process and ensure the food standards and safety of the dishes. Traditional stoves use open cooking, and some dust, soil, food residues, and chef’s hair fall into the food.

3、How does the automatic cooking machine work?

The automatic stir-fry machine is a high-tech food preparation equipment in modern commercial kitchens. It helps chefs stir-fry dishes more conveniently. Lestov believes you are also curious about how it works, right? Read on for the fun stuff below.

Let us first understand the structure of the automatic cooking machine. It consists of a heating base, a drum wok, a stirrer, a seasoning pipe, and a control panel. Please follow me to imagine the operation process of the automatic cooking machine.

Before cooking begins, enter the heating temperature, time, and cooking steps for your recipe in the control panel. There are three input methods: voice, handwriting, and text input. Please click the start button.

(1)Automatic Food Making Processing

When the automatic wok machine is started, the heating base will continuously provide heat to the bottom of the pot to increase the temperature of the wok pot. At this moment, a voice robot hidden in the operating system will remind you to pour the ingredients into the pot.

Some automatic stir-fry machines use automatic rotation or stir-fry ingredients with the help of a stirrer to heat them evenly and prevent them from sticking to the pan or burning. The automatic wok machine executes your preset heating time, temperature, and cooking steps to ensure the best results when cooking ingredients.

4、Do machines cook better than humans?

Think about it, which smart devices are you using to help you connect with friends, shop, or wash your clothes? I will answer cell phones, computers, and automatic washing machines. In modern society, people are more inclined to use science and technology to solve problems in life. In the field of food preparation, automatic cooking technology that can reduce the workload and energy of chefs is gradually becoming popular.

Is automatic cooking better than manual cooking? It doesn’t have an exact answer. Both automatic cooking and manual cooking have their advantages and disadvantages. Do you want to know? Please read on!

(1)Advantages of using automatic cooking machine

The advantage of automatic cooking is its precision and efficiency. When you use an automatic stir-fry machine to prepare food, you can precisely control the heating power, time, cooking steps, and seasoning volume. It ensures the cooking quality of food. An even more concerning factor for restaurateurs is its economy.

It reduces repetitive work for chefs. It’s easy to operate and it doesn’t require a chef with professional cooking skills; a cook will do. Let professional chefs create new dishes, let low-wage kitchen workers operate automatic cooking machines; let automatic cooking machines cook food with standard tastes. This is a benign way of employing people. Automatic cooking machines can usually clean themselves, eliminating the trouble and time of manual cleaning.


(2)Automatic Cooking VS Manual Cooking

Few machines are perfect, and automatic cooking equipment has some drawbacks that shouldn’t be ignored. As mentioned before, it requires you to preset a cooking program, including entering time, temperature, seasoning capacity, and cooking steps. It may not be as flexible to use as artificial cooking.

Automatic cooking machines use electricity or gas for heating. Automatic cooking equipment cannot cope with emergencies such as sudden power outages, missing ingredients, and lack of natural gas. Artificial cooking can adjust the state according to actual conditions.

If you encounter diners who are picky about the flavor and texture of food, it will be difficult for automatic cooking robots to meet their requirements. It is more suitable for cooking large batches of standard-flavor dishes for restaurants, canteens, and hotels.

For busy commercial kitchens, automatic cooking equipment can improve cooking efficiency and food quality; but it cannot replace the passion and creativity of manual cooking. They are not incompatible. As mentioned before, let the chef create new dishes; let the automatic stir-fry machine mass-produce.

5、Will chefs be replaced by robots?

Please recall, did the emergence of automatic washing machines replace dry cleaners? Has the emergence of vending machines replaced small shops? Is mechanized agriculture taking away farmers’ livelihoods? The essence of these problems is the same. Automation does not replace manual work but helps improve manual work efficiency. I will continue to discuss this issue, so if you are interested, don’t miss this content.

Previously, we learned about how the automatic cooking machine works. The automatic cooking machine automatically completes the cooking process through preset programs, helping chefs reduce repetitive work. In this sentence, please pay attention to the word default program. Automatic cooking equipment is a machine in which all actions, commands, and steps are preset and controlled by the chef.

Win-Win Strategy

The freshness, taste, and quality of the ingredients all require the wisdom and experience of the chef to control them. Restaurateurs shouldn’t feel like it’s a loss when chefs have more free time to create new dishes; it can be a recipe for increased business and diners.

Taking the chef’s creativity from idea to reality to mass production is an ability that automatic cooking machines cannot miss. The automatic cooking machine and the chef complement each other, and the automatic cooking machine will not replace the chef’s work. It is an efficient tool that helps chefs better utilize their professional skills. Integrate traditional cooking techniques into modern cooking equipment to create healthier and delicious dishes

6、What is the best automatic cooking machine?

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