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Partnering Since 2011: Panda Express Restaurant & Qinxin Company

American Fast Food Restaurant Chain: Panda Express

Panda Restaurant Group is the world-leading Asian dining experience group. Panda Express is a subsidiary of Panda Restaurant Group. Panda Express is also the most prominent Asian fast-food franchise in the US, currently operating over 2,200 franchise stores.

The Founder Andrew and his father are from Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China. In fact, many in-house menu dishes reflect traditional Chinese influences, which also line up with Andrew’s “Chinese inspiration and American Made” philosophy.

Panda Express emphasizes sustainable development through reducing carbon footprint and promoting the use of natural resources. Panda Express’s concept of sustainability has a mutual connection between induction cooking both prioritize energy-saving, safe and eco-friendly.

Manufacturer of Commercial Induction Wok Cookers in China.

During an induction cooker exhibition (contest), Guangdong Qinxin Technology is the only authorized Chinese manufacturer to custom-built Panda Express’s Chinese Wok Ranges. Clients shared initial ideas of custom-built commercial induction wok cookers and required standards of CB and UL certificates.

Guangdong Qinxin Technology R&D department team immediately set up strategies to encounter the differences in American voltage and meet the strict standards of international certifications.

Qinxin focuses on detail during each manufacturing and installation process: configuring and trialing core components to sourcing imported raw materials to satisfy the client’s specifications and standard requirements, such as a 1.5mm stainless steel sheet, SCHOTT Glass-ceramic, UL-certified fuse, and glass glue, etc.

Qinxin successfully developed and manufactured American-style commercial induction cookers shortly after 5-months of development. Both parties have agreed upon a confidential agreement that the Chinese Wok Ranges would only provide to Panda Express Restaurant.

This fascinating custom-built encounter between Panda Express and Qinxin created a solid supported partnership to this day since 2011.

Partnership: Partnering since 2011
Product: Commercial Induction Wok Cookers (Custom-built)

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