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Built-in Induction Cookers Buying Guide (From Lestov Induction Factory)

Built-in Induction Cookers Buying Guide (From Lestov Induction Factory)

“My kitchen space is not big, but I hope it isn’t just for cooking. How can I achieve it?” Some restaurants often have such doubts. It sounds unlikely to be realized. In the end, you can only choose to expand the kitchen area or give up updating the kitchen utensils, but can these solve your problem? The answer is no. We all know that more clothes can arrange in a storage box, so can kitchen utensils be put into the storage box? Yes, according to the latest embedded induction cooker developed by Lestov, the kitchen utensils can wholly update without taking up too much kitchen space.


What is a built-in induction cooker?

An built-in induction cooker refers to an induction cooker embedded in marble or other planes. Embedded type can keep the height of induction cooker and plane consistent, save the floor space and make the kitchen clean and ornamental. Lestov embedded induction cooker also uses electromagnetic induction technology to generate heat energy through the contact between wire coil and directly applies the heat energy to heat food. Unlike other induction cookers, the embedded type has specific requirements for space and needs space that meets the embedding conditions.


For example, when you choose the embedded induction cooker as the central kitchen stove, you need to select the size of the embedded induction cooker according to the size of the kitchen, which may cost you a little energy and expense in the early stage. After installation, the embedded induction cooker surround by the countertops, which achieves the perfect integration of countertops and stoves and the convenience of surface cooking. The embedded induction cooker placed inside can make high use of space and occupy less memory.


In some open restaurants or exhibitions, which require on-site cooking, embedded induction cookers can perform the open cooking. In this way, consumers can not only see the whole process but also enjoy a good reputation. Besides, open cooking is an attractive viewing activity, which can significantly stimulate customers’ desire for consumption.


Advantages of the drop in induction cookers

Why are embedded induction cookers so popular in commercial kitchens? There are several reasons for this. Let Lestov show you more information about the embedded induction cooker.

  • Seamless fit, small footprint, surface cooking, open

The Lestov embedded induction cooker produce according to the product size provided by the user, and the final product can fit seamlessly with the tabletop, which is like being integrated with the tabletop, showing a smooth and smooth state as a whole. However, kitchen utensils in the traditional kitchen are all placed on the countertop, which looks tiny and messy, affecting the kitchen’s neatness and cleanliness.


Lestov embedded induction cooker is consistent with other induction cookers in the working panel, function selection, and cooking mode. You only need to put the pot on the corresponding working panel and press the start button to heat the food automatically. Surface cooking avoids the stir-frying and shaking of pots and pans and saves human labor and electricity.


  • Remote control to avoid children’s contact with pots and pans

In restaurants where children go in and out more often, parents may be worried about the safety of electricity consumption of kitchen utensils, and lively children may accidentally touch kitchen utensils or press function keys, which may cause operational errors, resulting in burns or electric shock.

This problem has been considered in the early research and development of Lestov. The embedded induction cooker can be started and operated through the function is equipped with a remote controller with a wire length of 1.5m for bidirectional control, so you can put the remote controller at a higher position, such as the counter, to prevent children from contracting.


  • Set the cooking time regularly and turn it off automatically

While you were busy frying steak, a customer placed a new order for black pepper chicken fillet pasta. Which would you choose to do first? Or hire another person to make it at the same time? This entanglement is unnecessary. Embedded induction cookers equipped with an LCD timer. You can set the cooking time from 0-180 minutes, and it will automatically turn off when it reaches the point. Even if multiple orders are cooked at the same time, one person can handle it completely.


  • The glass-ceramic panel is easy to clean and has no residue, and keeps shining all day long

The embedded induction cooker panel is made of integrated ceramic glass, an easy-to-clean glass stove surface. After a busy day, you can quickly remove the oil stain by wiping it lightly with a rag. Oil stains are not easy to remain on the glass-ceramics. After tapping, the panel still shines as new.


  • It is also equipped with a desktop induction cooker

“I think there are both embedded induction cookers and desktop induction cookers in my kitchen. Can this be realized in one purchase?” It is a typical user consultation on Lestov’s official website. The answer is yes. When purchasing an embedded induction cooker, it will be equipped with a corresponding desktop induction cooker, genuinely realizing the perfect combination of embedded and desktop in the kitchen.


Disadvantages of the embedded induction cookers

Can buying an embedded induction cooker solve the problem? The embedded induction cooker is more efficient and convenient than the desktop induction cooker, but it also has more requirements. Before you choose to buy an embedded induction cooker, you can read the following contents before deciding.


  • Certain installation costs, need to form a complete set of counter incision

As mentioned earlier, the difference between embedded induction cooker and other induction cookers is that it needs to have specific space and installation requirements. For example, it is necessary to select the counter incision matched with Lestov, which will cost you some expenses and energy when embedding the induction cooker into the countertop in the early stage. The induction cooker is embedded, which can help you save space and finishing costs in daily use.


  • There are requirements for heat dissipation

An Embedded induction cooker is similar to placing an induction cooker in a closed carton. Except for 95% of the heat energy generated in the cooking process directly acts on the heated food, the remaining 5% will discharge by the fan inside the movement. Therefore, an embedded induction cooker has specific requirements for heat dissipation. Usually, there will be heat dissipation vents at the furnace side to help dissipate heat. During installation, the furnace body and the tabletop should keep at a certain distance to avoid objects blocking the discharge of heat energy.


  • Cooking utensils are flat and magnetic

Can the round wok used in the gas stove used on the embedded induction cooker? Before answering this question, we need to talk about the working principle of the induction cooker. The induction cooker generates heat energy by forming an alternating magnetic field in the coil and interacting with a magnetic range. Based on this, it can be known that the induction cooker can generate heat energy only when it is used with a magnetic field. Otherwise, it will not work.

Because the specific heating position of the induction cooker is marked with a solid circle on the panel. Because only the bottom of the round frying pan contacts the panel, the absorption rate of heat energy is less than that of the flat frying pan, so it is not suitable for the embedded induction cooker.


  • Limited power and gear

Compared with a desktop induction cooker, an embedded induction cooker has less power and gear. For example, an embedded induction cooker has a five-gear power level, while a desktop induction cooker has an eight-gear power level. Although there are fewer sparrows, “the sparrows are small and complete,” consistent with the desktop induction cooker in function.


  • It is mainly suitable for commercial use

An Embedded induction cooker is mainly suitable for commercial kitchens. The electrical requirements of an embedded induction cooker are 220-240V, and the minimum rated power is 3.5kw. In an electromagnetic furnace, it is generally between 1.6 kW and 2.2 kW. If you use an embedded induction cooker at home, it will easily cause circuit failure and cause certain dangers. Therefore, an embedded induction cooker is mainly suitable for commercial kitchens.



An Embedded induction cooker will be a popular choice for kitchen utensils in open commercial kitchens. Whether based on space-saving, product advantages, or kitchen utensils renewal requirements, and embedded induction cooker will be one of the products you can consider. After 17 years of research and innovation, Lestov commercial induction cooker products cover more than 30 different models, such as small stir-fry stove, large stir-fry stove, soup stove, steaming cabinet and desktop stove, etc., and are committed to helping customers buy high-quality products together.

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