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Chain Restaurant Brands – The Secret to Expansion

Don’t be surprised to see your neighbor’s home become the Stationed of a chain restaurant brand. According to statistics, chain restaurants led by Panda Express, KFC, and Burger King are entering every commercial street. They have expanded at such a rate that many restaurants have been forced out of the game.

Why do chain restaurants continue to expand? And your restaurant is struggling with traffic and costs. Why do diners prefer to eat at chain restaurants? Not your restaurant(a restaurant that cooks dishes with care). Why do chain restaurants get more profit? And your restaurant is feeling sad about the poor pitch report.

Do you want to expand your restaurant to get more profit? Do you want to save money for your restaurant and improve cooking efficiency? Do you want to have more traffic to get more orders? Would you like to sit in a chair and enjoy your coffee? If your answer is yes, don’t ignore this tip on the continued expansion of restaurant chains.

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Chain Restaurant Brands - The Secret to Expansion

When you walk into KFC stores on different streets, you will find that their menus are consistent, and even the taste of the food remains the same. The number of grams of fried chicken, color, seasoning, food packaging bags, kitchen decoration style, and even the time of frying French fries is all consistent.

Chain catering has set strict cooking standards on food to ensure the consistency of all food tastes, which is one of the ways to maintain the brand and retain customers. Culinary standards bring more franchisees to chain restaurants, and they sell ingredients, seasonings, and cooking machines to franchisees and charge franchise fees.

For chain catering, franchisees are channels for dumping ingredients, seasonings, and derivative products, as well as a way to increase brand awareness and influence. Chain catering does not need to spend too much time operating restaurants, but can make enough profits to achieve brand expansion.

If you have a unique recipe that is praised by diners, please try to use it as capital to attract franchisees. Diners are not the only ones who can pay for delicious food, franchisees who expect more profit will pay.

The secret to more profits for restaurant chains

Catering chains are working on the standardization of food taste and quality, which will help the construction of the supply chain system. Even for Chinese food that requires complex cooking techniques, its cooking process will be simplified into individual data. These data are easily recognized and applied by the automatic cooking machine, which will automatically cook according to the steps of the recipe.

Chain catering will build a central kitchen to facilitate centralized cooking or processing of ingredients, and these semi-finished products are transported to stores. In the central kitchen, some automatic processing equipment has been applied, such as an automatic vegetable washing machine, automatic meat cutting machine, automatic cooking machine, and even automatic packing machine. Processing machines will operate strictly according to fixed data, thus helping chain restaurants to achieve standardized cooking.

They don’t hire too many workers, cause they see the worker as a source of added cost or an opportunity for error. It is why they prefer to use automatic processing machines, because it will only complete cooking according to the steps set by the programmer, and it is reliable.

At the core of restaurant chain expansion is standardization, whether it’s the weight, quality, or taste of ingredients. They look forward to using the central kitchen to solve the problem of the complex cooking process and over-reliance on chefs. They succeeded if you see more chain restaurants popping up on the commercial street.

The hesitation of traditional restaurants

While the expansion model of chain restaurants is touted, traditional restaurants insist on handmade food. They worry that automated cooking machines will lose the flavor of food. The family recipe is the capital they can survive in the fierce dining wars, and they don’t want to lose it. For traditional restaurants, family recipes are the marketing tool to attract and keep diners.

Therefore, some chain restaurants have set strict standards on recipes, such as the number of grams of ingredients, cooking power, and time. They require chefs or automatic processing equipment to cook in strict accordance with recipe steps to avoid losing the flavor of food. Many restaurant chains say automatic cooking machines are better at recreating and preserving the flavor of family recipes than chefs.

Automatic processing equipment is an obedient machine, it will cook in strict accordance with the steps you set for it, without redundant actions, so its error rate is low. The automatic cooking machine has an editable recipe system, its parameters or steps are set by you.

Conditions for restaurant chain expansion

Although restaurant chains can gain more profits through expansion, not all restaurants are suitable for expansion. Some conditions restrict restaurants from becoming chain restaurants.

Family Recipe:

Does your restaurant have something unique and appealing to diners? Do you have the chef’s cooking skills praised by diners? Can your recipe be reduced to cooking steps or data? Are your recipes nationally popular or regional? Are the ingredients in the recipe readily available and low-cost?

Start-up Funds:

Do you already have the funds to build a central kitchen? Do you have the funds to use more restaurants? Do you have the funds to take the risk? Do you have the funds to hire more staff? Are you ready to start a catering company?

Processing equipment:

Have you purchased reliable automatic processing equipment? Are you looking for a reliable commercial cooking equipment manufacturer? Have you hired a reliable cook or waiter?


Is your restaurant well-known? It will determine whether someone wants to be your franchisee. Do you have experience in managing franchisees or operating brands?

Starting a restaurant chain is not easy. It’s irresponsible if you want to operate a restaurant chain based on mere profit margins. If you already have the conditions for establishing a chain restaurant, then establishing a chain restaurant is a good choice.

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