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The Benefits Of Using An Automatic Cooking Machine In Your Restaurant

The benefits of using an automatic cooking machine in your restaurant

Automatic cooking machines have become a popular product on Google, and it continues to grow with 1300 searches per day. There have been more than 48,200,000 inquiries about the automatic cooking machine worldwide. Some cooker dealers from the US, Canada, Singapore, and the Middle East realized the economic prospects of automatic cooking machines and uploaded them on their websites. For example Lestov, Pandarange, Sgesg, Daneng.

Intelligent or automated cooking machine has become a trend, which is an unavoidable fact for restaurant owners, canteens, and hotels. Many cooker dealers no longer focus attention on manual cooking equipment, which needs to rely on the professional skills of chefs, a large number of kitchen workers, and expensive employment costs, but instead, focus on intelligent cooking robots with fully automatic cooking/seasoning/cleaning on board.

We found that most restaurant owners are not aware of the advantages of automatic cooking machines in commercial kitchens, which is an unnecessary loss. Therefore, please follow the ideas of the Lestov manufacturer and understand the charm of the automatic cooking machine.

The google trend of automatic cooking machine

The benefits of using an automatic cooking machine in your kitchen.

Why are more and more restaurants purchasing commercial automatic cooking machines? Many restaurants have lost low-paid cooks or servers as well as orders in the Covid-19 battle, according to research. Expensive hiring costs are forcing restaurateurs to turn their attention to intelligent wok cookers that cook fully automatically.

It costs less to buy than a chef’s monthly salary, but it will serve you for free for 3-5+ years. It is a cooking machine without emotions, and all actions are executed completely according to the program you input. This is a robotic device with a low cooking error rate, strong controllability, and large-scale food stir-frying.

Using the automatic cooking machine does not require any cooking experience, with 800 recipes that can preset / Store / Intelligently apply the heating power, time, temperature, and cooking steps of each food, even a waiter can Create gourmet, standard-tasting, and big-batch meals like a pro chef. One waiter can cook 3 to 5 automatic wok machines, and cook dishes ranging from 17.5kg to 100kg in 15 to 30 minutes, which will meet the daily orders of canteens, chain restaurants, and hotels.

The Lestov automatic cooking machine manufacturer lists the benefits of using automatic cooking machines in commercial kitchens based on consumer reviews who have used this equipment in the United States, Thailand, Korea, and Ireland.

How automatic cooking machines can help you save time and reduce stress in the kitchen.

Even professional chefs can’t cook standard-tasting, high-volume meals. It is difficult for chefs to estimate the heating power, time, temperature, and volume of seasoning required for each serving of food.

They rely on cooking techniques to determine the taste and texture of dishes, which also means an increase in the rate of cooking mistakes. An increase in the rate of cooking mistakes means that chefs need to prepare more ingredients to cope with mistakes.

Reducing Food Waste and Saving Money on Groceries

It’s a hidden expense that means restaurant owners get less profit on their orders. The Lestov Automatic Cooking machine follows the programmed recipes for every cooking step, including heating power, temperature, time, and amount of seasoning – these parameters are entered by you and can be changed at any time.

It realizes fully automatic stir-frying / Seasoning / Pour / Cleaning, while cooking large-scale, standard-taste dishes, while rejecting the cooking error rate and the expense of additional ingredients.

Prepare a Wide Range of Dishes

Cooking is a high-risk occupation, and cooking for a long time makes them miserable. Even though the restaurant owner hoped that they could cook more orders for more profits, the sore body, numb arms, and thick oily smoke forced the chef to take a break. According to research, in a small restaurant, a chef needs to cook 50 dishes within an hour, which means that the chef carries a heavy workload.

The Lestov commercial automatic cooking machine can cook dishes ranging from 3.5kg to 20kg in 15 to 30 minutes, which can meet the meal requirements of 20 to 100 people.

Even a chef with no cooking experience can operate 3 to 5 automatic cooking machines to help chefs relieve cooking pressure and stir fry delicious, standard-tasting dishes like a professional chef. That means restaurateurs can take more orders at lunch and make more money.

The difference between of automatic cooking machine and commercial wok cooker

An overview of the history and advantages of Lestov automatic cooking machines.

In 2017, in order to meet the needs of intelligent cooking and a central kitchen, Lestov manufacturer developed the first fully automatic commercial automatic cooking machine, which was officially launched to the global market after 2019, and has been certified by CE / CCC / ISO.

It has obtained large quantities of purchases from consumers in the United States, Thailand, Ireland, Canada, and Egypt.

Lestov manufacturer has 20 years of experience in R&D / Design / Production /Sales /After-sales of commercial induction cooktops. In terms of product quality, it has obtained CE / CCC / ISO certification and has been purchased in large quantities by consumers in 50 countries.

Lestov offers 30 types of commercial induction cooking equipment, kitchen design solutions, and full-time technical services.

A waiter with no cooking experience can operate 3-5 sets of automatic cooking machines, and cook dishes like a chef, helping restaurants save the cost of chef training and employment.

800 recipes can be editable / Storage / Intelligent apply the heating power & time and cooking steps of each food, helping restaurants to create more new dishes while making standard food.

The Lestov commercial automatic cooking machine can cook dishes ranging from 3.5kg to 20kg in 15 to 30 minutes, which can meet the meal requirements of 20 to 100 people.

Two modes of automatic cleaning and manual high-intensity water gun to clean the residue inside the wok.

Adopting a 95% energy-effective utilization rate & no open flame induction heating technology, it saves 35% energy cost than electric heating and improves safety by 50%.


The Lestov manufacturer expects more restaurant owners to realize the advantages of automatic cooking machines in terms of profit, cost savings, and standard taste food production, and to gain experience in different cooking methods.

Whether it’s stir-frying vegetables, blending sauces, or drying coffee beans, the Lestov maker has automatic stir-fryers, automatic cooking stirrers, and automatic pasta cookers for every cooking mode.

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