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Pros and Cons of Owning an Automated Restaurant

Some restaurateurs are introducing Intelligent cooking equipment or robotic cookers into commercial kitchens to make restaurants look smarter. It was inevitable after staff turnover, sanitation requirements, and takeaway services caused by Covid-19. Automated restaurants have many commendable advantages, but there is also a lack of human service.

Automatic cooking machines serve the same dishes and are consistent in taste, quality, and weight, but they don’t offer additional customization like a chef. We can provide faster cooking efficiency, but it will deprive the kitchen staff of job opportunities. It is not recognized by the chef.

If you’re planning to incorporate automation concepts into your restaurant or commercial kitchen, this guide detailing the pros and cons of an automated restaurant can help.

Reliable Programmable Cooking Machines

You will have a more controlled cooking machine, its programs or steps will be set by you, regardless of recipe input, heating time, or taste standard. It’s one of those reliable employees who can’t fault a dish’s taste or quality even with a high workload. It is unmatched by humans. Under extreme meal pressure, it is easy for humans to make mistakes.

Dull cooking tools

An automatic cooking machine is more like a tool designed to improve cooking efficiency or reduce dish errors than creative or human chefs. It won’t give you a new menu that is more popular with diners. If you have a cooking step for a new menu, it will happily recognize and copy it.


Many restaurateurs have complained that staff wages are rising, making them unaffordable, even at minimum wage. Therefore, they tend to reduce more employees and thus retain more profits, but the work tasks of restaurants will not be reduced. An automatic cooking machine with a selling price of around $2,000 will be the biggest expense you will spend on it, and some extra electricity or maintenance costs are small Volume.

Expensive investment

We prefer to keep familiar employees in the face of new automatic cooking equipment, but the more important reason is that automated restaurants are expensive investments. You will spend thousands of dollars on automatic cooking machines or robots, which is uncharted investment territory and you can’t predict whether you will get a good return. You desperately need a manufacturer to provide an aftermarket guarantee, automatic restaurant design, or videos of how it works, and that’s allowed.

Knowledgeable Cooking Tools

Can you spot the chef who can cook 1000 dishes in the restaurant? Many restaurateurs offer a negative answer. If you have 1000 recipes, can the chef learn and cook them immediately? Again no answer. In automatic cooking machines, we have an affirmative answer.

Restaurateurs use smart cooking technology to introduce more options to restaurant menus and ensure the consistent taste of dishes. The automatic cooking machine can store and recognize the cooking steps of 1000 recipes. It’s solid in adding more dish options.

Additional menu entry

The manufacturer will not enter a cooking recipe for your automatic cooking machine before leaving the factory, which requires your extra help. When it comes to restaurant menu options, you are undoubtedly the best at them. You can enter the recipe for any dish, whether it’s pulled from Google, Bing, or Facebook. The automatic cooking machine can automatically recognize and cook according to the steps.

Reliable Automation Restaurant Supplier

Building automated restaurants is not an unknown area of investment, and some Chinese manufacturers have actual use cases in many countries. From operating videos of automatic cooking machines to on-site viewing or factory visits, manufacturers are all allowed and welcome.

Lestov commercial automatic cooking machine manufacturer

Lestov is a Chinese manufacturer with 18 years of experience in the production, design, research, and development of automatic cooking machines. Lestov commercial automatic cooking machines have been applied and purchased many times in restaurants in the US, UK, Ireland, and China. For example, the auto stir fry wok, which is popular among Asian chefs, can stir fry evenly to ensure that every piece of food is heated uniformly.

QXcooker automatic noodle cooker manufacturer

QXcooker is a manufacturer of commercial induction stoves favored by engineering companies, chain restaurants, and enterprises. In the series of automatic cooking equipment, the 6-hole automatic noodle cooker has received more orders. This pasta cooker has six pasta strainers that can be automatically raised and lowered, and the preset heating time and firepower can be precisely adjusted.

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