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Commercial griddle without flame but instant grilling – Buying Guide

Commercial griddles are the star equipment for grilling steaks and burgers in food trucks or restaurants. It restores the flavor of flame-grilled food, leaving a charming charred aroma and crispy surface.

The thick cast iron grill pan holds 6 lbs to 20 lbs of bacon. It’s firepower to continuously heat each slice of bacon on the iron plate so that the bacon acquires delicious substance and charred surfaces.

In food trucks, the commercial flattop griddle is for stir fry noodles, burritos, Mexican pancakes, and beef burgers. Commercial griddles can adapt to grilling any food, causing its ability to heat evenly and control temperature.

Every area on the cast iron plate maintains a consistent temperature, whether a corner or an edge. A temperature controller controls the grilling temperature difference of the iron plate within ±1°C. It means each piece of bacon would be fully cooked.

Diners can’t resist the smell of barbecue in the air when stopping by food trucks to order a double cheeseburger. Here’s why restaurateurs are looking forward to introducing commercial griddles to their kitchens.

Buying tips from Lestov commercial griddle manufacturer

Commercial griddles are favored by many restaurant owners cause of their instant frying and even heating. There are many considerations when choosing griddles, such as the type, function, and price.

Restaurant owners sent inquiries to Lestov Commercial Griddle Manufacturers to get restaurant Flat Top Griddles that met their needs at factory-direct prices.

They think it’s worth adding beef burgers, cheese-and-bacon pancakes, or fried noodles to restaurant menus. Cause grilling foods don’t require sophisticated culinary skills but have a charred flavor that draws diners to the table.

What types of commercial griddles?

Commercial gas griddle

Among commercial gas griddles, the Blackstone griddle gets more love. Its thickness & matte surface can withstand the flames, making you feel similar to enjoying a slate barbecue in the camp.

There are 3 to 5 burners at the bottom of the commercial gas griddle, and the flames generated by it will surround the whole Blackstone grill pan to provide a full range of grilling for food.

You can choose commercial gas griddles, or add a black stone griddle to your commercial gas ranges.

It only needs to be connected to the gas line to fry and grill food.

Commercial electric griddle

Grilling food on an iron plate at 122 to 572°F (30 to 300°C) is what commercial electric griddles can do for food trucks. The heating tube is attached to a 5mm to 8mm grilling iron plate to provide a consistent temperature for each cross-section of the steak.

Commercial electric griddles don’t produce many fumes. You can turn off or turn on electric griddles at any time, which can reduce the coal waste caused by coal griddles.

You can fine-tune the grilling temperature or heat on a commercial electric griddle with its control knob. It’s relatively cheap as it’s only 65% energy efficient.

Commercial induction griddle

At a relatively expensive price, the characteristics of commercial induction griddles in terms of 95% thermal efficiency & instant frying are ignored. It uses induction heating technology to reduce cooking time by 30% and electricity consumption by 30%.

8-gear power knobs give you the possibility to precisely control the induction griddle. The temperature controller will monitor the temperature of the grilling iron plate in real time to avoid burnt food.

It uses German professional heating components to extend the service life of commercial induction griddles while providing uniform and efficient fire output.

The size of commercial Induction griddles

Choosing the size of commercial griddles will depend on the daily cooking capacity of the food truck. In the commercial flat top griddle series, 18 inches, 24 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inches flat top griddles are available.

If you are running a restaurant with multiple batches of orders, the 28*32*32inches freestanding commercial griddle will fry a 25lb steak or stir fry pasta within 1 hour. In small commercial restaurants, an 18-inch tabletop commercial griddle is sufficient. It’s small enough to take less kitchen space but can make an order for 35 people in 1 hour.

The 3 types of commercial Induction griddles

Multifunctional commercial induction griddle

It will occupy the space of a commercial kitchen, under 28*32*32inch. But it can grill 25-pound steaks or stir-fry noodles in 1 hour to satisfy an order for 45 people.

Its heat is instant, providing a consistent temperature for every grilling range. The button panel will automatically store the grilling time, temperature, or firepower of 6 kinds of food so that you can quickly select the recipe when you cook next time.

All food residue or waste oil will go through the screen into the oil sump, which is removable for quick cleaning. Open cabinets can accommodate a single electric oven (need to be designed separately) or place grills and ingredients.

It is a freestanding commercial induction griddle. Its adjustable stove foot can be stretched from 170mm to 210mm to match the height of different cooks.

18 inches Commercial Countertop Induction Griddle

Get more sales with this countertop induction griddle in food trucks or compact restaurants. Its compact size fits into a cabinet or sits on a stainless steel cooktop. This means you can take it outdoors (If you have enough power)

The Omron thermostat rejects temperature unevenness or overheating and achieves a temperature difference within ±1 ℃.

It doesn’t require you to master complex grilling skills and can be adjusted from low-power grilling pancakes to high-power stir-fry noodles through a sensitive power knob.

The smooth flat top grilling surface and the unique rib grill plate remove most of the fat from the ingredients to help you to obtain a low-fat, healthy diet.

The stainless steel oil box will take on the task of cleaning up food residue or waste oil, and it is detachable.

Commercial Countertop Induction Flat-Top Griddle

36 inches Freestanding Commercial electric grill for Barbecue

Get more exposure with this commercial electric barbecue grill at an outdoor party or summer beach. It doesn’t have the fumes that charcoal grills give off when they burn. At barbecue parties, your clothes won’t get grease stains or smoke.

Its heating principle is simple. Three sets of waterproof heating tubes provide smoked steaks with a frying temperature of 100°C to 1000°C. It can immediately suspend heating and quickly return to a suitable temperature.

You can rely on the three power knobs to individually control each group of heating tubes so that they can be paused or turned on individually. For example, the first set of heating tubes is adjusted to high heat to grill steak, and the third set of heating tubes is adjusted to low heat to stir fry broccoli.

It has many detachable parts such as the grill pan and oil box for quick cleaning or replacement. The 36 inches grilling range can hold more food.

Some steps for cleaning commercial flat top griddles

Commercial griddles have many removable parts, such as the grill, the sump pan, and the drain, allowing quick cleaning. Below is a cleaning video of electric grills offered by Lestov Commercial Induction Griddle Manufacturer.

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