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Commercial Kitchen Electrostatic Precipitator | Electrostatic Air Cleaner

What is the Commercial Kitchen Electrostatic Precipitator? It is a Purification System specially used for exhaust ventilation in commercial kitchens, including two modules of oil fume filter and an electrostatic air purifier.

It can capture 65% to 95% of oil mist, the waste air, and grease impurities, and decompose them into carbon dioxide and water after electrostatic ionization, meeting the kitchen fume emission standards. It is used in commercial kitchens with heavy oil fumes, high-power stir frying (including charcoal, wood, and wok cooking), or chemical industries with a lot of smoke and dust.

As a manufacturer of Electrostatic Air Cleaner with 20 years of R&D, design, and manufacturing, our products have achieved a purification rate of 95% of oil fume and reached the emission standard of 0.01 ozone. At an affordable price, we provide you with thoughtful product customization and procurement services. In addition, we welcome you to join our dealer club and create more benefits with colleagues from more than 50 countries.

Best Commercial Kitchen Electrostatic Air Cleaner for Sale
Reasons to Buy Lestov Commercial Kitchen Electrostatic Air Cleaner

The service life is 5-8 years. It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving purifier, and the desktop saves space.


Automatic protection devices for overcurrent and overvoltage are added to the electrostatic power supply control system.

Double Filter

The pre-filter removes oil particles and molecules, and the post-installed activated carbon net removes oily and peculiar smells.


Each purification module unit adopts a split drawer structure, which is detachable and easy to assemble, clean, and maintain


The number of lampblack purifiers can be increased according to different needs and environments; manufacturers support product customization.


The ozone content in the air discharge is less than 0.01 (PPM) = the degree of the smell of normal people, and more than 0.1 (PPM) will affect the human body.


Keep a distance of 5mm-9mm between each plate, multiple filtrations, supplementary collection, and ionization of oil fume particles to improve the purification rate of oil fume


The self-developed high-performance, non-inductive, and pulse-added control power supply adopts dual-frequency control that can automatically adjust the electric field strength.

The partner of Lestov Commercial Kitchen Electrostatic Air Cleaner?
The Partner Of Lestov Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation Electrostatic Precipitator
The Partner Of Lestov Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation Electrostatic Precipitator
How to Install Lestov Commercial Kitchen Electrostatic Air Cleaner?
A high-altitude or low-altitude installation diagram of commercial ventilation equipment.
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