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Restaurant Dim Sum Steamer Induction Bun Steamer LT-QXL-E115

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This commercial dim sum steamer is designed for steam buns, momo, dumplings, rice noodles, sandwiches, and other foods. The induction hob steamer has an automatic water level control mechanism, as well as the safety function of the low water level alarm and cut-off system, which can bring a lot of convenience to your restaurant business.


Features & Advantages:

  • Concave sink for quick wastewater discharge, with filter residue mesh
  • Using German “Infineon” IGBT chip, stable running over 30,000 hours
  • Intelligent display screen-easy to read, 360℃ knob switch control-easy to operate
  • 8-level gears control the heating power to precisely match the required temperature.
  • Dual-channel built-in turbofans for quicker cool-down, Protect movement accessories.
  • The induction steamers are easy to disassemble, easy to clean, and have an anti-scald handle.
  • 3-layer food-grade stainless steel steamer pot, with internal round hole design, steam cycle use.
  • More than 95%  energy efficiency and Designed for a commercial kitchen, meet customer need
  • Floating ball device and water shortage alarm system, Stainless steel faucet for quick hydration.
  • 1.2mm thick stainless steel shell body, fully pressed seamless top, Easy to clean, Level 4 waterproof.


The Cooker Part of Restaurant Indutcion Fish Steamer Cooker
Commercial Induction Bun Steamer Cooker
The Water Intake Device of Commercial Induction Bun Steamer Cooker
The Details of Freestanding Commercial Induction Bun Steamer Cooker

Product Parameter Details:

  • Model No.: LT-QXL-E115/E118/E120
  • Power Options: 15/18/20KW
  • Rated Voltage: 380V, 3 Phase, 50hz
  • Voltage Fluctuation: From 340V-464V
  • Product Size: D750*W1100*H800+400mm
  • Steamer Drawers Number: 3 Trays
  • Steamer Drawers Diameter: Ø480mm
  • Steamer Holes Diameter: 100mm
  • Steamer Holes Quantity: 7 Holes
  • Water Tank Size: 480*200mm
  • Water Tank Volume: 25L
  • Water Intel Connection: 1/2 Inch Pipe (N15, φ20mm)
  • Net Weight: 70kg
  • Gross Weight: 100KG
  • Package Way: Wooden Box
  • Package Size: L850*W1200*H1400mm
  • Control Way: Knob + Induction heating
  • Services: Customized OEM/ODM
  • Material: Stainless Steel #304
  • Water Pressure: 0.1-0.6 MPa
  • Spares Included: 3 layers of steamers
  • Certificate: CE
  • Warranty: 1 year


3 Layers Commercial Induction Bun Steamer Cooker CAD

Product Certificate


Commercial Induction Cooktop Product Certificates


This commercial induction bun steamer cooker is ideal kitchenware for controlling firepower and large capacity.

It is very suitable for commercial kitchens such as restaurants, canteens, hotels, and industries.


The Application of Freeatnding Restaurant Steamer Cooker

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Lestov commercial food steamer pot has been exported to more than 50 countries since 2003. Now we still keep growing.

If you want to buy commercial cooking equipment for the restaurant business, hotel, or canteen, consult us for factory direct price.

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