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LT-TWG-15"Commercial Forward Curved Cabinet Centrifugal Fan

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This Commercial Forward Curved Cabinet Centrifugal Fan adopts the three-dimensional flow principle to design the exhaust system, which increases the power energy by 20% compared with ordinary fans and achieves the effect of large exhaust air volume, high efficiency, and low energy consumption.


Low noise

The impeller has been calibrated statically and dynamically to make it balanced during operation and generate low noise.

High Efficiency

The Forward curved blades rotate in the same direction as the impeller and can effectively discharge air from 8728m³/h to 13459m³/h.

Multiple sizes

Lestov commercial centrifugal fans are available in a variety of sizes to suit different applications – such as restaurants, canteens, or large commercial establishments.

Stainless Steel

The fan casing adopts a stainless steel frame structure, and each module can be disassembled; maintenance doors are reserved on both sides for easy inspection of the internal components of the centrifugal fan.

Three-dimensional flow

The wind wheel of the cabinet centrifugal fan is designed with the principle of three-dimensional flow, which has large exhaust air volume and high pressure (20% more pressure than ordinary fans)


It is suitable for multiple airflow/pressure combinations and can handle a variety of airflow conditions including clean, dry, and humid air. Inflammable and explosive environments, explosion-proof fans can be selected.

Air Exhaust directions:

Product Parameter Details:

  • Model No.: LT-TWG-15
  • Power: 1.5KW
  • Rated Voltage: 380V, Three Phase
  • Voltage Fluctuation: From 340-420V
  • Product Size: L920*W1050*H820mm
  • Inlet Size: W800*H700mm
  • Outlet Size: L460*H505mm
  • Air Flow: 8728 m³/h
  • Rotate Speed: 860 r/min
  • Electric Motor No.: 90L-4
  • Medium Temperature: ≤80℃
  • Noise: 60 db(A)
  • Max pressure: 402 (pa), Static pressure: 305(pa)
  • Product Material: Stainless Steel #201/#304
  • Services: Customized OEM/ODM
  • Package Way: Wooden Box
  • Gross Weight: 190 KG
  • IPX4 Level: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Product performance curve:

Product Certificate:


This LT-TWG-15"Commercial Forward Curved Cabinet Centrifugal Fan can discharge 8728m³/h to 13459m³/h of air, which is suitable for the ventilation system of gymnasiums, hotels, cinemas, or the exhaust system of commercial kitchens.

Why choose us?

As a professional manufacturer of Commercial Cabinet Centrifugal Fan, we are allowed to provide you with a full range of fans including forward curved, backward curved, blower, and cabinet.

As a manufacturer of commercial centrifugal fans with 20 years of R&D/design/production/sales, we have provided multi-size, multi-type, and high-efficiency ventilation equipment to customers in 50 countries.

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