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Building an Open Commercial Kitchen – Important Tips

Based on catering hygiene and attracting diners, many restaurants move the kitchen to the dining area. Diners can see the cooking process and fresh food.

Many chefs said that cooking in front of diners, even through glass windows, still feels uncomfortable. But for diners, it increases their trust in the restaurant and the chefs’ finesse.

Many restaurants think of open kitchens as the new marketing tool. Chef Louis said: “In the open kitchen, we get more traffic and praise, and consumers maintain their trust in our food hygiene.

What is an open kitchen?

What is an open kitchen? Chefs show diners the cooking process of stir-frying, frying, stewing, boiling, and grilling. It allows visualization and participation in the cooking process.

The earliest visual kitchen was the teppanyaki in the dining room. People can sit at the dining table and watch the chefs make delicious teppanyaki. Chef Louis said: “Moving the cooking area to the table is innovative and attractive marketing.

Diner Henry believes that open kitchens increase the interaction & communication between chefs and consumers. In the open kitchen, they can see the food is fresh. The smell of cooking makes them more willing to stay and dine.

Types of open commercial kitchens?

Open kitchens combine traditional commercial kitchens with street stalls, converted to visual cooking in hotel/restaurant dining areas. There are two types of open kitchens according to the open area and scale.

Half-Open kitchen:

It is a commercial kitchen that is only open to the food area, beverage area, and pastry area. Seafood tanks, vegetable areas, meat areas, and cooked food are placed in the dining area, and diners can choose food and cooking methods according to their own needs.

It can showcase the freshness of cooking ingredients and satisfy the tastes of different diners. Many small and medium-sized restaurants value their small footprint.

Open kitchen:

This is a type of kitchen that moves the cooking area to the dining area. Commercial kitchen contractors integrate a full range of cooking equipment including induction wok, steamer, fryer, griddle, and more into the dining area.

Instead of designing a commercial kitchen in a separate space, chefs cook food in the dining area. Diners can watch the chef’s cooking skills, similar to a buffet.

Open kitchen consuming more of your budget?

Building open kitchens has become the latest marketing in many restaurants, but not all restaurants can meet the requirements for building open kitchens.

Chef Louis said: “When we tried to introduce open kitchens in restaurants, the first problem we faced was removing the fumes. The fumes from cooking can waft into the dining area, which many consumers cannot tolerate. They are more worried about gas explosions, flame burns, and propane leaks.

Security becomes a hindrance in building an open kitchen. To get rid of the fumes, Louis added a high-powered range hood to each burner, but that meant he had to spend more on his budget.

Due to safety and cost considerations, Louis is planning to end the construction of the open kitchen. He has predicted that the cost of building an open kitchen far outweighs the marketing effect it brings.

Commercial Induction cooktops - tips for open kitchens?

Induction stoves are becoming must-have cooking equipment in open kitchens, based on their flame-free, safety features. Chef Louis appreciates that the commercial induction cooktop eliminates the need for additional cooker hoods and gas ducts, which saves him 30% of his budget.

Commercial Induction cooktops without an open flame are suitable for use in dining areas. It does not produce oily fumes and keeps the dining area cool. Henry said: “When I see a commercial induction stove without an open flame in an open kitchen, I think it’s safe and environmentally friendly.

Lestov commercial induction cooktop manufacturer supplies many restaurants with a full line of induction cooking equipment with CE certification, which meet the safety, efficiency, and environmental friendliness required in open kitchens. Save 30% of your construction budget while helping restaurants facilitate marketing.

Building an open kitchen - a budget-friendly way?

If you are looking for a reliable open kitchen builder, do not hesitate to consult Lestov. As a full range of commercial induction range cooker manufacturer with 20 years of production/design/R&D experience.

We help you with the design of your open kitchen while offering over 30 types of restaurant induction stoves at wholesale prices. This means that you can get efficient cooking equipment, professional kitchen design, and perfect after-sales service at a discounted price.

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