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Commercial Induction Cooker Buyer’s Guide (2020 New

Commercial Induction Cooker Buyer’s Guide (2022 New)

In recent years, commercial induction cooktops have stood out in the market by virtue of their environmental protection, high efficiency, energy-saving, and many other advantages, and have been favored by more and more commercial catering industries. The difference between it and the household induction cooktop lies in the different power and application range.

Commercial induction cooktops are widely used in restaurants, factories, colleges, institutions, troops, trains, and other commercial kitchens in the catering industry. They are especially suitable for commercial kitchens that restrict the use of open flames, such as basements, underground shopping malls, railway vehicles, gas stations, etc. place.

The commercial induction cooktop has many advantages such as fast heating, environmental protection, energy-saving, etc., attracting more and more people to use them as one of the necessary stoves for commercial production and life. But before you buy a commercial induction hob, you should know your needs clearly and understand the details of the different types of commercial induction cookers.

Only in this way can you choose the commercial induction cooktop that best meets your functional needs among the many product types. Here, let’s talk about some detailed information that helps you to buy the best commercial induction cooktop.

Commercial Induction Cooktop Components

  • Heating part: There is a heat insulation panel under the pot body of the commercial induction range cooker and a copper coil under the panel. The eddy current is generated by electromagnetic induction to heat the pot body.
  • Control part: there are the power switch, temperature adjustment button, power selection button, etc.
  • Cooling part: The side of the furnace body usually has an air inlet and an air outlet, and a fan is provided inside.
  • Electrical part: It consists of a rectifier circuit, control loop, inverter circuit, relay, electric fan, and other parts.
  • Cooking part: Mainly includes various cooking utensils for users to use.

Commercial Induction Cooktop Working Principle

The commercial induction cooktop uses the heating principle of magnetic field induction current. The induction range cooker generates an alternating magnetic field through the components of the electronic circuit board. When the bottom containing the iron pot is placed on the furnace surface, the alternating magnetic field line of the commercial induction range cooker generates an alternating current in the metal part at the bottom of the pot. The current causes the iron molecules of the pot to move at high speed and irregularly. The molecules collide and rub against each other to generate heat energy.

Simply say that each area of a commercial induction range cooker contains a copper coil under the ceramic surface. When the switch is turned on, the current will flow through the copper coil, generating an electromagnetic field. When the electromagnetic field is in contact with the cookware, the fluctuating magnetic field will generate an electric current in the cookware, thereby quickly generating heat.

Commercial Induction Cooktop Advantages:

  • Energy-saving: The commercial induction range cooker is heated by the principle of electromagnetic induction, which reduces the intermediate link of heat transfer, and the thermal efficiency is much higher than that of the traditional gas stove, so as to achieve the effect of cost-saving.
  • Clean: Commercial induction range cooker adopts an electric heating method, there is no fuel stain and exhaust gas pollution, so the kitchen environment is relatively clean; because there is no smoking phenomenon, the commercial induction range cooker itself is also easy to clean.
  • Safety: Commercial induction range cookers are not prone to leaks like gas, as long as they are operated properly according to the instructions, there will be no hidden dangers. At the same time, it has multiple safety protection measures, so it is more reliable during use.
  • Environmental protection: commercial range cookers will not produce pollutants such as combustion exhaust gas and soot during use, will not cause harm to the chef’s body, and will not pollute the environment.
  • Convenience: The humanized design of the commercial induction range cooker makes its operation steps simple and clear, easy to use, and can meet the multiple functional needs of the chef.

Types of Commercial Induction Range Cookers for Sale:

Countertop Commercial Induction Burner, Induction Commercial Deep Fryers, Commercial Induction Griddle, Induction Commercial Pasta Cookers, Commercial Induction Hobs/Burners, Commercial Induction Soup Cookers, Commercial Induction Work Cookers, Auto Stir Fry Machine

Commercial Induction Range Cooker Applications:

  • Catering industry
  • Factories, schools, troops, hospitals, trains, ships, etc.
  • Places where open flames are prohibited: kitchens in areas such as basements, shopping malls, aviation, and railways.

How to Choose the Right Commercial Induction Cooker?

  1. Choose the right power. In order to reduce unnecessary waste, according to the actual number of diners, choose the type of commercial induction range cooker that fits your kitchen. The types of commercial induction range cookers applicable to small restaurants and large places such as schools and hospitals are different.
  2. Select a commercial induction range cooker of the appropriate size. Measure your work area, choose a commercial induction range cooker of the appropriate size, and ensure that there is enough space for the chef and related staff to move freely after the installation.
  3. Understand the function of the product and choose a commercial induction range cooker that meets your needs. For example, the product safety function mainly refers to the protection system set inside, which automatically shuts down other protective operations when there is no operation for a long time, and the voltage is too high.
  4. Understand the product’s appearance materials. The external materials of some products are cleverly designed, which is very conducive to the daily cleaning of consumers. Choosing the right material will save you a lot of time in daily cleaning and maintenance work.
  5. Determine your own budget. Before buying a commercial induction range cooker, you need to determine your own budget, and then select the most cost-effective products in the same price range.
  6. Choose a trusted brand. Brands guarantee product quality. Currently, there are many brands on the market. Collect more information and choose a reliable and reliable commercial induction range cooker.
  7. After-sales service. Buying a commercial induction range cooker should determine the various matters of after-sales service. Problems will inevitably occur in the daily use process, and a perfect after-sales service system can let you use it with confidence.

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