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Which commercial kitchen needs an automatic stir fryer?

The high-efficiency automatic cooking machine has attracted many restaurant owners to include it on their list of kitchen equipment purchases. But there are still many restaurant owners who are cautious about this: they are unknown of the price, usage environment, and functions of the automatic cooking machine.

Although restaurant owners have appreciated the charm of automatic frying wok cookers in fully automatic cooking and evenly stirring, the unknown still prevents them from putting chips on automatic cooking machines.

Restaurateurs are reluctant to miss out on a machine capable of fully automatic stir-frying, cleaning, and seasoning. Due to its standardized cooking on large-volume dishes and fast-paced delivery requirements.

Where to get information on automatic stir-frying cookers?

Through Google search or shopping platforms, they found contact information of automatic stir-frying cooker manufacturers to obtain detailed information about the automatic stirring-frying cooker, including price, function, and usage environment.

The Lestov automatic cooking machine manufacturer also received inquiries from restaurant owners or distributors. Their need for automatic stir fry machines is urgent, but they remain skeptical about manufacturer information and product features.

They cannot identify and trust the automatic stir-frying machine through a picture or video. They need to see the real thing and the operation process locally. It’s an easy-to-follow wish for the Lestov automatic stir fry wok cooker, which has been sold in countries such as the UK, Ireland, South Korea, and Switzerland.

Which kitchens need an automatic stir fry machine?

Automatic stir fry machines are suitable for any kind of kitchen where you need to reduce cooking time and costs, be it a home or a restaurant. It cooks intelligently, guaranteeing the standard flavor of the food and fast cooking. The Lestov automatic stir fry cooker manufacturer lists the common types below.

Household Automatic Food Stirring Pot

Add an automatic stirrer to the top of the pan that can stir the food so that the food particles are well mixed. It has no special cooktop requirements and can be used on gas burners, electric stoves, or induction cooktops.

Thanks to charging in 2 hours, it is portable for outdoor camping. It can be adjusted to two rotational speeds, whether stirring minced meat quickly or using light force to whip up the creamy mushroom sauce.

It is a small automatic food stirring pot designed for home use, priced from $80 to $200. It’s perfect for any blending process, whether whipping cream, making fried rice, or mixing salads.

Commercial Automatic Cooking Machine

The commercial automatic cooking machine is professionally used for stir-frying food in restaurants. The drum-type traditional wok concentrates food particles and heats to achieve the best flavor of food in a 360° even stir fry.

Restaurateurs prefer that it can automatically complete stir-frying, seasoning, and cleaning, which saves even more time and costs. During busy lunch hours, you can sit at the cashier and enjoy a cup of coffee.

The advantage of being able to store up to 1,000 recipes makes it persuasive in developing new dishes and standardizing cooking, which is what restaurants are looking for when hiring chefs.

Automatic Planetary Cooking Stirrer

A traditional Chinese wok holds more food, and the stirrer above will automatically rotate so that the food is evenly heated or mixed during stirring.

The ketchup factory is known for churning 200 pounds of sauce per hour. It does not require operating skills and can adjust the stirring speed and select the recipe mode through the touch screen operation panel.

Using a high-precision wireless sensor temperature control device to accurately adjust the temperature. This industrial automatic planetary food blender has a solid reputation in food factories that need to make large volumes of sauces, fried rice, or chili oil.

Multipurpose commercial induction stir fry equipment
Fully Automatic Cooking Stirrer mixing machines LT-BQ-40T

The manual from the Automatic stir-fry cooker manufacturer

Returning to the topic above, the Lestov automatic stir fry cooker manufacturer offers restaurant owners a product manual with automatic stir fry cooker prices, features, and how-to-operate videos. In which commercial kitchens is an automatic wok suitable for use? It is the most common question restaurant owners ask manufacturers: About the size, type, and operation of the automatic wok cooker. It is determine which type is suitable for a commercial kitchen.

Best Automatic Stir-Frying Cookers for Small Restaurants - Budget Friendly

The only automatic frying wok that combines manual and automatic operating modes. It can stand on the kitchen stove to reduce the footprint, especially for compact restaurants, and food trucks.

It has eight buttons for easy storage of 8 dishes in the cooking process, which means when you need to make fried rice with eggs, just press the button.

The metal handle can adjust the cooking angle of the automatic frying wok pan at will, whether it is 45° for frying vegetables or -90° for pouring sauces.

A responsive knob will control the heat and flip speed of the automatic stirrer, from simmering sauces on low to sautéing vegetables on high.

It’s the budget-friendly type in the Lestov range of automatic stir fry cookers. Some small restaurants have recommended it in commercial kitchens, based on the choice of gas and electric heating types.

Automatic stir-frying equipment for commercial kitchens

Intelligent Stir-Fry Machine for Fully Automatic Cooking

No machine will save you cooking time more than it has fully automatic cooking. It does not require you to have superb culinary skills or the ability to develop dishes, but it allows your restaurant to maintain consistency in the quality of dishes and weekly menu updates.

The powerful operating system can store 1000 recipes which can be edited and entered via SD card. All you have to do is: search Google or Chef for different recipes and feed it into the automatic stir fry machine.

Once the automatic cooking machine is turned on, it will independently complete the stir-frying, seasoning, and self-cleaning of food. It’s a reliable cooking device, like 5 pounds to 8 pounds of standard flavored food in 3 minutes.

Tips from the manufacturer of the Lestov Automatic Cooking Machine

You can contact us for more detailed product information, or consult us to obtain the contact information of the local restaurant owner (who has purchased the Lestov automatic cooking machine), for product reviews or on-site visits.

Lestov manufacturers are creating winter specials for automatic cooking machines to help restaurants, canteens, and hotels get the most affordable automatic cooking machines.

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