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Face to covid-19, should restaurants encourage customers to dine-in or take-out?

Affected by the Covid-19, most restaurants around the world have been hit like never before. The need for commercial induction cookers and commercial induction cooktops has never been higher. Since the pandemic, the world has gone into lockdown several times and even though some places are gradually easing up the lock, others are still pretty much locked. Now with restaurants seeing just about 50% of their previous customer traffic, while some close down, what then is the way forward for them?

One thing that’s a fact, is that most restaurants have become more and more a take-out service provided than a dine-in. This change is going to affect a lot of these restaurants negatively, why? Because they are to have problems with a delivery, the quality of food made will drop, and customer satisfaction will go down the drain.  This will not happen as a choice, but with restaurants that remain adamant to embrace the new world order in cooking and kitchen-related activities, their doom is inevitable.

What should the restaurant owner do?

What’s the new world order? Commercial induction cookers as well as commercial induction cooktops. These amazing cookers having entered the market less than a decade ago, have amassed a whole lot of recognition for their efficiency, speed, and ease of use. With restaurants opting for take-outs rather than dine-in as a result of the pandemic, it would be the best idea to introduce commercial induction cookers and commercial induction cooktops to your kitchen.

Opting for take-out means restaurants are more open to making meals for customers on the go. This would require genuine speed to serve all your bulk orders at once, and efficiency to make meals of the same quality over and over again. No cooking equipment in today’s market offers these options better than commercial induction cooktops.

Why restaurants should opt for take-outs and use commercial induction cooktops?

  • Speed of delivery

Working with commercial induction cooktops means you’re signed up for speed. Speed in the ways you cook, and your delivery time would significantly increase the moment you introduce commercial induction cooktops to your restaurant’s kitchen. This is because of the cooker’s mode of operation. These commercial induction cookers can cook a meal 2 times faster than gas or electric cookers.

The fact that you don’t have to worry about fine-tuning things over and over again means you will have more time to prepare your ingredients for more customers while your current orders cook. Coming with 2-6 different cooktops means you can easily prepare that number of meals at the same time with less stress. All you have to do is take your orders, up to 6 orders at once and get the ingredients ready before placing them on your commercial induction cooker.

If you’re able to own more than one commercial induction cooktop, then you’re in for a real treat. With such firepower in your kitchen, your restaurant is guaranteed to be one of the best in town.

  • Restaurant transformation

With the direction, the world is going in terms of available cookers and cooktops, not having a commercial induction cooktop in your kitchen would only mean your doom. The transformation you will notice when you  Upgrade from gas cookers or electric cookers to advanced commercial induction cooktops is massive. Not only will you complete orders faster and in a more orderly manner.

The outlook of your kitchen would also be beautiful to behold. You will require less number of staff to work in your kitchen with every order placed. All you need would be specific staff that offers particular services such as ingredients preparations and order taking.

The Types of Commercial Induction Hob Cooker for Sale
  • Quality of service

Using commercial induction cooktops in your restaurants means you have accepted to provide only quality services. The reason for this is, that these commercial induction cooktops come with their ingenuity and they have a way of making you complete tasks more efficiently and in an organized manner.

Being streamlined means you can just about place them strategically in your kitchen without them taking up much space. You can set up as many as possible without even noticing the space they took. With enough space to work, you will have the opportunity to accept many more orders while having the freedom to fulfill them.

  • Customer Requirements

With the availability of a good commercial induction hob in your restaurant kitchen, your take-out game would be top-notch. You can accept as many orders as you deem fit so long as you can take care of them with the help of your commercial induction stovetops. You must have seen many restaurants taking way too many orders than it seems they can handle but always end up taking care of them with fewer issues, it’s because of their use of commercial induction cooktops.

Such as 6 ranges commercial induction burner, having up to 6 burners means you can prepare as many meals as you want and fast. If you have more than one commercial induction cooker with 6 zones each then that means 6 times as many orders can be processed at a go.

  • Ease of use and clean

Having to clean your cooktops can be a daunting challenge if you’re using electric cookers or gas. But with commercial induction burners, it’s relatively easy. All you have to do is clean up the area around the cooktops and you’re good to go. A whole lot of these cooktops come with spill controls and turn off when they detect spills.

This means you will always have very clean cookers ready for use whenever you need them. Commercial induction cooktops are also easy to use. The majority of them come with touch button controls which are relatively easy to understand and use.

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