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The Types Of Commercial Automatic Fryer Machine

The Best Lestov Commercial Automatic Cooking Machine for Sale -2023

Unable to resist the ravages of Covid-19 pneumonia, especially the food orders that catering producers are difficult to open, this is undoubtedly an unexpected challenge.

When operating income is declining, there is a need to support a lot of idle chefs. Perhaps purchasing automatic cooking machines that can replace the three chefs and comply with the takeaway epidemic prevention regulations (no contact with food) has become the store manager’s most eager request.

If you are willing to choose a store owner who always accepts debt bills, please ignore the information I provided. The manufacturer of the Lestov cook robot has provided the most valuable and efficient automatic cooking to many shopkeepers affected by the new crown epidemic.

What is an automatic cooking machine?

Automatic cooking machines are fully automated kitchen equipment that combines intelligent technology and Chinese cooking technology.

Any process in cooking is automatically cooked by the robot cooking machine, including frying, seasoning, serving, cleaning the stir-fry machine, etc.

It can isolate the chef from the food and help you cook dishes that meet the epidemic prevention regulations. Even a novice chef or a beginner in cooking does not need to contend with complicated cooking techniques.

Of course, giving up hiring more chefs and choosing multi-purpose robot cooking machines is undoubtedly an excellent way to reduce production costs.

Using more advanced intelligent technology to simplify the cooking process is undoubtedly a choice worthy of reference, especially in the face of low cost-effective handmade.

That is an important reminder given to you by consumers who participated in the actual purchase.

Why do I need an auto cooking machine?

You wouldn’t need to spend too much bill to purchase different kinds of induction kitchen equipment. But only use an automatic stir fry machine to complete multi-function cooking such as frying, stewing, frying, and stirring.

Even at the same time, the intelligent stir-fry machine is superior to commercial kitchen equipment such as gas stoves and electric stoves in cost-saving, labor-saving, and easier automatic operation.

Why can you say that? A chef who can operate 3-5 automatic food-making machines for cooking different foods is the clearest answer.

Few restaurants can block the chef’s absolute leadership in menu making, even if the owner is troubled by the difference in the quality of the dishes and complicated kitchen management. The automatic stir fryer that follows the cooking procedures has a nearly perfect performance in standardized dishes and work efficiency.

An automatic wok machine can help you solve the problem of lack of staff and shortage of professional chefs in the catering industry, without worrying about the chef’s negotiation on salary, work efficiency, and the effect of cooking.

Drum wok

When you first encountered an automatic stir fryer, you might be wondering why you select a drum wok instead of a round pan/pan. They have the same perfect performance in gathering and conducting heat.

The cooking robot machine uses a stainless steel scraper to automatically simulate the stir-frying action of the chef when cooking food.

Imagine that if you use a scraper to automatically stir fry food in an induction wok/pan with a low height or no built-in scraper, there will be constant spillage.

Therefore, a wok/pan with a low height or a built-in scraper is complicated to adapt to the work content of a restaurant that needs to produce large quantities of food.

The drum-type deep wok has a food capacity of 4L-6L and a height of up to 300mm, which is very suitable for multi-batch order production in fast-food restaurants, restaurants, and canteens.

In addition, compared with the traditional open wok, the drum pan keeps higher and more uniform heat, so that the food is heated more evenly.

The huge cooking range avoids the stacking of food in the pan/wok. So that each piece of food can be treated with even and equal heat.

Asian Chef Approval

The Lestov cook robot has gained recognition from Asian restaurants, which have extreme requirements for heat or cooking gas. Even an intelligent stir-fry machine can still find the best taste and quality of food from the machine.

The cooking machine automatically simplifies the operating procedures of humans in stir-frying food & automatically ensures that all food is put into the stove and participates in the entire process of cooking, seasoning, serving, and cleaning.

Humans only need to monitor the operation of the intelligent cooker. Although the stir-frying machine can always complete the set tasks in strict accordance with the program code, it can even help you prevent food from being sprayed and splashed, and always keep the counter clean.

An auto-cook machine mixes the ingredients and seasoning particles to a high degree in rotating cooking, almost infiltrating the inner core of each piece of ingredient, and inspiring the best-tasting taste of the food.

1000 recipe modes

What’s more surprising about the automatic stir fryer machine is that it supports as many as 1000 recipe modes, covering cooking steps such as Western food, Chinese food, and fried food.

Even if you are a new chef or an apprentice who does not know how to cook. You can automatically control the cooking process through the recipe mode of the automatic food machines, especially the design of functions such as preset time, automatic storage power, temperature, and seasoning capacity.

A smart cooking machine allows you to present standardized and nutritious food cooking without any action. That is undoubtedly timely helpful information for busy commercial kitchens.

Intelligent operation

The robot cooking machine provides a high-definition display and touch buttons to help you perform user-friendly operations such as data reading, power conversion, and menu selection.

A fully intelligently operated automatic food-making machine avoids uncontrollable mistakes during cooking.

You can not only taste the same food taste as handmade by the chef on the automatic stir fryer, but also be more standard, healthy, and delicious. Please don’t refuse to try the profit and more stable customer source that intelligent kitchen equipment gives you.

High efficiency

Not only that, but the commercial induction stir-frying machine also has low power consumption and high heat (95% thermal efficiency) unmatched by gas stoves and electric stoves. That also allows you not to need to configure a powerful hood system (extra cost) when using natural gas.

Even if there are still people who try to refuse its appearance in commercial kitchens with auto cook machines that lack the enthusiasm and love of chefs, the inherent prejudice will always be changed with healthy, standard, and delicious food.

How to use the automatic stir fry machine?

LT-TGQ-36J Lestov automatic robot cooking machine

Auto Cook Machine Stir Fryer -LT-TGQ-30J

The automatic cooking machine is a modern technology product, a new generation of microcomputer control smart cooking equipment, no smoke, no radiation, fuel-efficient power, and automatic stir fry.

  • Up to 800 pre-stored menu modes, Self-editing, and storage via SD card.
  • Automatic Complete a 5kg dish in 15 minutes, catering for 20-35 people.
  • 360° Automatic stir-fry mixer, mix the food and sauces evenly.

It can also be applied to families, school canteens, corporate canteens, military canteens, and cooked food processing industries depending on the model.

Automatic Stir-Fryer Wok Machine-LT-CD300L7-A105

With skilled stirring and all-around intense heating, the automatic stir fryer quickly resolves the cooking process in less than 3 minutes.

  • Manual cleaning and automatic cleaning modes can be selected. Stainless steel wok pan for easy cleaning.
  • Automatic stir-frying, seasoning, cleaning, and pouring. Intelligent cooking process.
  • 3-layer nonstick stainless steel wok, 360° heating without blind spots, heating food more evenly.

The integrated spherical wok rotates 360° to ensure even heat at all angles. Automatic stirring compensates for uneven spatula flips, blending ingredients, sauces, and spices to create an aroma known as “wok-flavor”.

Multipurpose commercial induction stir fry equipment
LT-TGQ30 automatic cooking machine 2

Automatic Stir Frying Machine LT-TGQ-30

LT-TGQ-30 is a commercial automatic stir-fry machine for the purpose of improving kitchen efficiency.

It can reduce the cost of hiring and training chefs, and through short-term training, operators can cook expert-level dishes like expert chefs.

A chef can operate 3-5 devices at the same time to mass-produce high-standard food through preset recipes.

The 5KG large capacity design can meet the meal volume of 25 to 30 people.

With 7-inch Multi-Function Display: Touch screen design for smart 800 menus.

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