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Important Tips For Buying Induction Cooker Wok-2022

Important tips for buying induction cooker wok-2022

You may be surprised that the Chinese wok cooker in commercial restaurants can 360°no blind spot burner food. That is the perfect presentation of the round bottom cooker wok and flat bottom cooktop wok when they after combining the most advanced induction technology with Chinese cooking skills.

Lestov from Chinese woks station is an induction cooker wok manufacturer that provides chefs with professional equipment such as cooking dishes and deep-frying.

What is a wok burner?

Woks cooking is a pan with a round or flat bottom. It can give food even and sufficient calories, which is suitable for restaurants, commercial kitchens, and even homes.

The wok burner is with ring, lid, cover, and handle used to shake food during cooking. Although wok for induction hob usually uses carbon steel, it also has induction cooker woks for sale made of cast iron, iron, stainless steel, nonstick, ceramic, aluminum, and other materials.

Types of cooker woks

The wok for the induction cooker has a traditional round bottom that meets the pursuit of uniform heating in all directions and full heat for Chinese dishes. And a new flat-bottom frying wok that meets modern restaurant or kitchen applications.

Wok induction is not limited to classic small works used in kitchens such as home, baby, food trucks, etc. It also has commercial levels such as large/huge/giant/extra large woks that satisfy 30-300 people or more. They are usually round deep cooker woks. The type appears.

If you are looking for an induction wok burner for your food industry, hospitals, catering & other commercial kitchens, this large induction cooktop wok can cook 23L to 180L of food on wok /big wok with 2 or even 3 wok burners at the same time, it will be the best cooker wok.


Flat bottom wok VS round cooker wok

It is difficult for you to choose which is the best induction cooktop wok or flat-bottom cooker wok VS round. They also have an almost perfect performance in cooking dishes, deep-frying, and sauces.

The Lestov wok station has made a seamless round ceramic sensing area for round cooker wok. Almost all food and seasoning particles can get the same heat.

You can easily control the movement of the induction wok burner through the handle. The long-lasting constant temperature function coincides with the idea of Chinese chefs who love tossing pots.

If you are trying to fry steaks, cook dishes, or concoct sauces. The flat-top cooker wok is a good choice. Wok stores add a flat sensing area with 95% thermal conductivity to the flat bottom cooker wok, saving you more cost and time.

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How to choose an induction cooktop wok?

When you choose wok induction, commercial Chinese wok range manufacturers will provide you with a variety of types of options. In the case that you don’t know about wok cooking, this will be a difficult consideration.

Lestov only needs you to choose between the home/business level and the number of diners, to help you buy the induction cooktop wok that fully meets your needs more quickly.

Lestov provides a commercial induction wok burner for the home, similar to countertop wok burners such as mini wok, small wok, and baby wok.

This stainless steel wok can cook with a capacity of 8.4L and has 360° no blind spot heating. When the voltage permits, It could use in compact kitchens and even homes.

The commercial wok range is a large wok specially designed for large commercial kitchens such as catering, industry, canteens, etc. If your restaurant has 30-500 people, this restaurant works is worth trying.

To present the most perfect use effect and the longest service life (3000 hours). The industrial induction wok stove adopts a 2cm ceramic glass panel and a 3mm thick stainless steel round bottom wok, achieving low noise below 45db and an IPX4 waterproof rating.

From the perspective of professional design solutions, a giant commercial cooker wok applies Germany’s leading IGBT-Infineon, which has an accuracy of ±1, to achieve fast conversion and precise control of the cooking power of each food.

Commercial stoves for sale


Countertop Wok Ranges

The hot sale small wok with lid comes from the Chinese wok station brand-Lestov. A countertop commercial wok burner for the home could use as a baby wok, mini wok, and house wok.

Why not get high-quality reviews and efficient woks cooking at the most affordable price and shop now!


Chinese Wok Station Commercial Induction Wok Cooker

You can cook 60 burner food through an induction wok hob. The 2mm thick stainless steel round bottom wok can be used for more than 3000 hours.

This Chinese wok pan combined with induction technology (up to 95% thermal efficiency) can achieve precise control of the cooking power of food in 8 gears.

It is the best work burner in commercial kitchens such as restaurants, industries, catering, schools, etc.


Double Wok Burners Commercial Induction cooktops

This commercial wok burner has a double ceramic round bottom wok that can cook two kinds of 17.5 liters of food at the same time.

4.5mm thick thermally conductive black crystal glass can withstand 800° high temperature and achieve 95% thermal efficiency for you.

Get the best wok for induction hob at the factory direct price in wok station-Lestov.

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