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The Application Of Restaurant Induction Steamer Pot

Save Cost and Instant Steaming– Commercial Induction Food Steamer

Chef Louis plans to add steamed fish, vegetables, and seafood to the latest menu of the restaurant, after discovering that diners are keen to eat low-fat, nutrient-preserving food.

Steaming food does not require complex cooking skills, it relies on a commercial steam cooker. It can deliver 30-160 pounds of food in 1 hour and retains moisture and vibrant color.

Louis is more concerned that the commercial food steamer will not have too many production errors and dish retention. It does not require the chef to spend attention on cooking food, such as the heating powers, and the maturity of the food.

Commercial steam cookers can preset the time, firepower, and temperature of food steaming. The rest of the steps are automatically completed by the steam cooker. Louis said: Commercial food steamers meet standard tastes and fast cooking requirements required for takeaway services.

It does not have superb cooking skills and diverse tastes but only relies on health and the original taste of food to capture the favor of diners. That’s why Louis is looking forward to introducing commercial food steamers into restaurant kitchens.

Commercial Food Steamers - Buying Guide

Finding the correct commercial food steamer for a restaurant is difficult, especially expect it has instant steaming, large capacity, affordable prices, and manufacturer guarantees.

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Types of Commercial Food Steamers

Get natural flavors in a bamboo steamer. It transmits steam to the buns on each layer of bamboo baskets, allowing the steam to promote the fermentation and ripening of the bread.

It is non-polluting, but it needs to pay attention to cleaning the bamboo steamer. Its crevices will be full of water stains and food debris, and you need the help of a knife and a wire brush to clean it.

It comes from the traditional Chinese steam cooker series, priced lower than a gas steamer cooker. It can use on gas food steamers, propane steam cookers, and fires. Whether it’s steamed buns, tamales, and dim sum.

It is the best-selling commercial gas food steam cooktop in Malaysia and the UK. Its flame is instant, and the boiling water tank transmits the steam upwards to the stainless steel steaming pan.

In the closed steam oven, the food is served by all-around and even steamed. It helps sourdough bread and steamed seafood to the ripening of rice.

For some restaurants has gas piping and ventilation installed, a gas food steamer is a worthwhile option. Compared with the traditional bamboo steamer, it is easy to clean and can control the heating power.

Like the gas steamer and bamboo steamer, it undertakes the service of convection heating and instant steaming for food.

The only difference is that it does not have gas leakage from gas steam cookers, and the disadvantage of bamboo steam cookers(difficult to clean).

It only takes 5 minutes from cold water to steam, with no open flame & direct heating feature can speed up steaming time by 30% and reduce energy costs by 40%.

Size and capacity of commercial food steamers

The 3-compartment commercial food steamer steams 70 pounds of rice in 1 hour, enough to feed 200 people. Each compartment is independent. The food flavors will not mix, even steaming curry lobster and rice for a while.

The 316dm³ steaming cabinets can accommodate nine stainless steel steaming trays, at a comfortable distance from each other to facilitate the circulation of steam between the various compartments. Commonly Double-door commercial rice steaming cooker can hold 10, 18, and 24 flat-bottom trays. The 600*400*50mm steaming tray can hold up to 4.2 pounds of rice and is suitable for catering service places such as restaurants, hotels, and canteens.

The 26*28*24inch portable commercial steamer cooker can hold four steaming trays and steam about 30 pounds of vegetables. It doesn’t take up much area and can be built into walls or cabinets. A commercial food steamer is designed for steaming buns and Cantonese dim sum. It has seven steam holes of 4 inches, which fit the small bamboo steamer. Three separate compartments can steam 21 meals at the same time.

Double-door commercial induction food steamer with maximum steaming capacity

The size of L45*W35*H74 inch outputs 180 pounds of rice for restaurants in 1 hour. The separate 24-layer steamer tray can simultaneously steam seafood, rice, tamales, and vegetables.

Control this large commercial food steamer with just one knob. It defines the power of each gear, from 5,000w low-temperature steaming vegetables to 15,000w high-power steaming lobster, just turn the knob to quickly switch.

A closed steam cooker does not allow the steam to escape but is used for steaming the food. It provides enough heat to each rice to speed up the steaming time by 30%.

With floating ball devices and water shortage alarm systems, the water replenishment warning is more sensitive.

Real-time dynamic display of the working status of the induction steamer, including firepower, and heating gear. 

Intelligent 3-layer commercial induction seafood steamer

The multi-function button panel helps it have a more precise ability to adjust the steaming power, time, and temperature. Either timing from 1 minute to 60 minutes, or regulation from 0°C to 180°C.

Six groups of preset recipes make steaming more convenient. It will automatically store the time and temperature required for six kinds of food to be steamed so that you can choose directly the next time you cook.

The independent compartment rejects the confusion of most food flavors and preserves the moisture and nutrients of the food to the greatest extent. The removable water tank allows you to clean it weekly or monthly (in areas with poor water quality). Stains hide in the crevices of the water tank and can be cleaned with baking soda.

Stainless steel water-resistant (IPX6 level), separate cabinet design (upper cabinet double door + lower cabinet base), It is easy to clean and food-grade.

Portable 4-layer Commercial Induction Steam Cooker

From the Lestov range of commercial induction steamers. A tabletop food steamer designed for small restaurants. Different from the 24-layer commercial food steamer that pursues large capacity, this portable induction steamer is more inclined to multi-function control.

Precise adjustment in heating time & temperature allows it to master the best taste of each food. Press the button to realize the automatic discharge of wastewater from the water tank & steamer. It has no complicated operation steps, and four groups of editable recipe modes realize intelligent steaming.

It only takes five minutes for cold water to steam, and the temperature can reach 110 ° C after the second heating. It’s portable outdoors if you have plenty of electricity and a pressure pump.

The steam inside the steamer is circulated to speed up the cooking process. The thermal efficiency of the induction heating mode reaches 93%, saving energy.

Multifunctional 4-Layers Tabletop Induction Steamer Pot

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